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It has been some very trying times.

With the world on lockdown, finances becoming very tight for some, jobs lost, and so much more, maintaining your love life is likely not at the top of your list. But, today I’m sharing with you how to manage your relationship through lockdown with ease.

4 love life tips for those locked down together:

  1. Be very clear with what you need. Communication is key! Whether it’s time away you need, more affection, more sex, communicate with your partner. You’d be surprised how many times your partner is actually feeling the same.
  2. Take some time away. You don’t need to leave the house even, but do some things apart. If you’re stuck together all the time, chances are you’re pretty tired of each other, which is perfectly normal. Read a book in the bubble bath, or go for a walk.
  1. Laugh together. The world is a scary and uncertain place right now. Do fun things together and laugh. It will help to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling.
  2. Don’t forget to kiss. When no one is leaving the house, affection may be the first forgotten thing. Don’t forget to hold hands, cuddle, and kiss.

10 love life tips for those not locked down together:

  1. Whether you met on a dating site like, or in person, understanding and accepting the stress that the current state of the world has on you and your partner is key. Don’t try to make it seem like everything is normal when it’s not.
  2. COMMUNICATE. Yes, this one again. This is so important. Never stop communicating.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try video chatting. If you aren’t locked down together then how else will you see each other? I know it might feel weird or uncomfortable, but just try.
  4. Make a list together of things you want to do together after the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to do so. This may add some excitement to each passing day.
  5. Regardless of where you found each other, be it free dating sites uk or somewhere else, make sure you are always making an effort with each other.
  6. Don’t stop laughing. Play games through video chat, or bake, or something! But, never ever stop laughing together. Laughter can help to diminish stress feelings and help you feel closer.
  7. Have dates still. Don’t let the romance die! Sure they may be through video chat, but they’re still dates and that is putting an effort in.
  8. Don’t stop trying with each other. Don’t assume things about each other either. Communicate clearly.
  9. Remember that you won’t always be on lockdown. Write it on a post-it note and keep it around the house. This too shall pass.
  10. Write letters to each other. You can mail them or drop them into each others mail box, but there is something romantic and lovely about about a hand-written note.

These are incredibly difficult times for everyone.

Make sure you are practicing self-kindness and self-love, as those are very VERY important. Do you have any tips for couples?

Love Always, Enn


5 thoughts on “A Lockdown Love Life Guide

  1. I can’t imagine not being in lockdown with my partner and I’m amazed by how innovative people are being around spending time together. It’s great to say. I completely agree that communication is key here. When you communicate you can be on the same page and there’s a degree of closeness and intimacy you miss out on. And whilst that’s important, it’s also great to have your own interests and time apart, which makes sharing how you’ve spent your time or re-connecting all the more special!

  2. Great tips! My partner and I live together, and there have definitely been some changes since lock down started. We are both in the tourism industry in Hawaii and haven’t been working since March. We have made an effort to have time apart with different hobbies etc. But yeah, no one’s leaving to go to work etc. So we don’t have the usual goodbye kisses! We do make an effort to still have “dates” even though we’re together all the time. Thanks for this!

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