If stars could talk, I wonder what they would say about me. I`ve been pondering this lately. If they acted like millions of eyes, but watched over in a protective and non-judgemental way.

Would it be possible to do this though without judging, had they watched me my entire life?

I wonder if people struggling would feel any less alone, knowing that there was a whole universe out there who had their back. I wish that one could feel support and love all the time, and when they looked up at the stars, they felt it right in the depths of their heart. I`ve often wondered what the world would be like if everyone was filled with happiness, joy and love, rather than this internal war that a lot of us have been handed.

Being mental illness warriors, every single day of our lives is a fight.

It becomes easy to lose hope, and hard to find courage to keep fighting. All too often, there simply is no longer a twinkle in the sky.

Sometimes, days can go by, and the dark sky doesn`t lighten, even a shade or two. The trees whip negative thoughts all over the place, and the flowers even hang their heads in despair. It can be the hardest feeling in the world. You lose all motivation. Maybe even hope too. What I`m learning though, is that it`s okay to feel this.

Sometimes I have felt like it`s wrong to feel this.

Like I need to try and cheer up. But, this darkness that I describe to you, that`s a part of me. It lives in me, as much as the bright and colorful me does too.

We all twinkle and shine, and from time to time we lose some of the light, or maybe even our way. Lately, life has been hell for me. There has been no sparkle, and all I can see is, well basically, nothing, because it`s so dark everywhere.

I know that it`s just my mental illness reminding me that it still lurks. It looms and waits for something happy/joyous, and then it jumps out and knocks me right off of my feet.

I know it`s hard. Carrying around demons, and fighting at the same time is exhausting.

But, next time you feel like you aren`t getting anywhere, look to the stars. Look until you can see a twinkle, because I promise you, it is there. I`ve had to remind myself of this many times as well.

Sending love always, N

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19 thoughts on “Look To The Stars

  1. What a beautiful text!

    What eased me sometimes, specially in summer time, was to lay on my back porch listening to music in the middle of the night and just stare at the stars. The little breeze as a bonus was something I loved aswell.

    It’s more than okay if the only thing you can do now is surviving and just keep hanging on. As long as you are willing to get help, it’s a matter of time before things will be okay again ❤️ Sending you love!

    1. That sounds so lovely. I find a lot of calmness in noticing the sky. Thank you so much for your beautiful and encouraging comment?

  2. So great that you’ve shared something like this. You’ve written about this so beautifully, I really enjoyed reading it. Sending lots of positivity xx

  3. You are never alone. Stars serve as a reminder to this. Keep strong and carry on, as they say… you’ve got this. I know all too well the despair you speak of. Anxiety & depression have been with me since I can remember. And you’re right, its okay to feel grief. I wrote a post about that, titled “It’s Okay to be Sad.” ( The fact that you continue to find hope and push through the darkness shows that you’re strong, yes, a warrior.

    1. Thank you for this incredible comment. You’ve brought a smile to my face today, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. This was a fab blog post to read, its always important to remind your self and others how you cope with your mental health as an insight into dealing with it day to day. thanks for sharing xx

  5. Hi N, I love that you know that there’s something to look forward to even in what seems a not-so-bright phase in life. I call that character and I admire that.
    Sending love and healing thoughts your way xx

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