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As the seasons are changing people are thinking more cozy, and warm things to do.

It’s such a perfect time to open that “dating door” and maybe find that special someone! Whether it’s going out for a hot chocolate, or staying in and watching a movie, there are so many amazing things a couple can do together! Dating in Los Angeles can be busy and overwhelming. In a city that is FILLED with hustle and bustle, it can be hard to narrow down what to do with that special someone.

Below are some amazing date ideas that anyone in Los Angeles can enjoy!

  1. Depending on your budget, hire a chef to cook you a wonderful meal! Los Angeles is a great place to find talented chefs and delicious food! Having a date like this sets a very intimate and romantic feel to the date. Maybe don’t go this big on your FIRST date though. Save it for someone really special.
  2. Go see a movie. Check out the rooftop cinema club! Bring a blanket and some snacks and cuddle up under the stars together.
  3. Visit the Huntington Library together. (Chat about books, writing, genres and all other things related to a library. You’d be surprised how much you learn about each other from conversations like this!)
  4. Go hiking through Temescal Canyon. (Only do this one if you’re an outdoorsy one though. Make sure you know if this would be fun for your special someone as well.)
  5. Take a cruise down Mulholland Drive. Stop and enjoy the scenery together. Go at night time and do some star gazing.
  6. Visit The Broad contemporary art gallery. (An amazing FREE date idea!)
  7. Go see the Hollywood Bowl Museum. Go for a coffee after at a cute cafe and talk about your favorite parts of the museum. This is a great way to find shared interests and likes.
  8. Visit a brewery downtown. Or, really, anything downtown. Downtown Los Angeles is FULL of fun things to do.
  9. See a concert. There are many free concerts in parks, bars, clubs, and then of course big paid concerts as well. Lots to choose from!
  10. Go to Lucky Strike and enjoy bowling together.

While there are many places you can find that special someone, Los Angeles Personals is definitely one to check out.

With three in ten U.S adults saying they’ve used a dating site/app it’s become the “norm” to find that special someone online. There are a few things to keep in mind when beginning this adventure though. Online dating comes with a whole other level of potential danger and safety must be practiced with intention.

Safety Tips:

  • Don’t give out personal information.
  • Do a quick google search prior to meeting up. Check other social accounts.
  • Meet in a public space.
  • Drive yourself, or use transportation, but get yourself there on your own, and leave on your own.
  • Make sure someone knows the details of your date. (Where you’re going, how long you might be, etc.)
  • Stay sober.

Being safe while enjoying your dates is very important! Have you ever visited any of the above mentioned placed?

Love Always, Enn


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