Is anyone else having a hard time believing it’s MAY!

Where has this year gone?

Today I’m sharing with you some AMAZING blogs who have a home on Thoughts with N for the month of May!! I’m so excited to have them on and so excited to share them with you.

This Brilliant Day is a beautiful lifestyle and personal development blog.

This is a blog created by Sophie! I highly urge you to go check it out. It was created to let Sophie get her amazing ideas out into the world. Three of my favorite posts from her blog are:

How To Overcome Video Call Anxiety

8 Commonly Accumulated Things To Use Up Before Buying More

6 Lists To Make During Lockdown

The Grumpy Olive was the winner in my giveaway of an ad slot and I’m so excited to welcome this GORGEOUS lifestyle blog!

The look of this blog is so unique! I love it! Three of my favorite posts are:

August Fairyloot Unboxing

The Magic Of New York City

It’s My 31st Birthday And This Is My Wish List

Visit these amazing blogs and follow!!!

Love Always, Enn


14 thoughts on “May Advertisers Post

  1. Great looking blog, one of the sites I already visit, but you’ve shown me a new one to add to my list, so thank you. I really like the idea you have of a giveaway, nice work.

  2. Love The Grumpy Olive! Checking out This Brilliant Day right now and indeed, it makes my day brilliant, blog is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The Grumpy Olive is such a lovely place to be. I too love their color, layout, and visuals. It is an informtative place to be, so loved seeing it on your list!

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