I recently connected with Chastity through Twitter and immediately felt a connection with her.

She is real, raw and honest and I love it! I love her writing, and her energy.

She has a home on Thoughts with N for a little while, so I wanted you to get to know her!

1. SO excited you`re here!!! Can you tell us a little bit about you?

I am a single mom that works a full time job, blogs, writes and drives 85 miles to my day job. One way. I am a very creative and nurturing person. I’m a January baby, #Capricorn and my personality definitely displays that. Tell me I can’t do something and my actions will prove you wrong. I won’t even say, I told you so.

2. How old is your blog, and how did it come to be?

I have blogged before. It’s something I get started in, leave and then come back. However this blog, Chastity Writes started around my birthday in 2018. Due to the nature of my more adult writing, it can be a little tricky to feel the freedom of having a blog. This time, I refused to let it stop me though. January was a new leaf for me and a different perspective.

3. How do you find it is managing motherhood AND writing? Any tips?

When it comes to time management, I try to spend one of my days off scheduling all of my posts using different apps. I make sure that I have pictures to go with most of my blog posts. Time is precious and I completely agree. Normally my writing time is when my kids are at school or after they’ve gone to bed. Sometimes, if I feel like I’m behind, I will have them write a story while I write my blog posts.

4. Have you always enjoyed writing, or is it a newer hobby?

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed. Through my childhood, I was emotionally abused and writing and reading were my escapes. During the darkness, no one was able to take away the stories in my head. I was able to see things from a different perspective and my characters were my moral compass. Now I just hope that people that need an outlet realize they are part of a larger scheme.

5. What does the future look like for your blog?

The future of my blog looks optimistic. You will see my characters grow and develop as they may guest star periodically in the posts. Not only do you learn about how I write, what my busy schedule looks like, you get to see the inside and guard world through my eyes as well as my characters. Visit places that they go. See things that you might never get to see yourself. Learn about yourself as I grow and learn that I can overcome anything that I set my mind to.

6. Where does the name of your blog come from?

My pen name is Chastity Rose Rylan. Some of my works will be displayed under C.R. Rylan while others under Chastity Rose or even Chastity Rylan. This gives me the same name, but different avenues that I can separate my genres so people don’t feel overcrowded by what I write. They get to pick which version of me they like the best. I also have a newsletter that I am getting ready to launch called ‘The Creative Corner.’

7. Can you give one piece of blogging/writing advice before you go?

7. Be true to who you are. You are using the blog and you websites to build your band. Make yourself a household name. Share things that you like with those who follow you. I share pictures of my kids and myself. The little things in life will show that you are a real human. Tell people your flaws. I say #FlauntYourFlaws. They make you, you. People connect to genuine people and will disassociate themselves with people they believe to be liars or con artists.

I, again, am beyond excited to have her here, and urge you to go give her a follow, here and on her blog!

Thank you for being here Chastity!!

Love Always, N


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