I am SO excited to introduce you to Catrina!! Please go give her a follow on Twitter over here. I wanted you guys to see how awesome she is so I`ve asked her a few questions!

EEEEEK! I`m so excited to have you! Can you tell us a bit about you?!

My name is Catarina .. 26 years old, mom of two boys(5 and 8). I’m latina (Dominican) I speak and write four languages. Love music and definitely a foodie, avocado? is my thing. At the moment I live in Aruba located in the Caribbean. Working in the sales department. 

How old is your blog and how did it come to be?

My WordPress blog is recently new I switched over from Blogger because my blog wasn’t doing very well after Google+ was shut down. I’m still in the process of becoming a business, BUT I do blogging because I like it. I love doing reviews and write about the pros and cons and what the product can do and what it cannot do. I don’t care about how much I spend in products, I do it for the love of it and always will!

How do you find it is managing life AND entrepreneurship/writing? Any tips?

I write my ideas in my notebook and everytime I’m inspired and write down everything before I forget. And blogging wise I would blog when the kids aren’t around or when they are sleeping. 

Have you always enjoyed writing, or is it a newer hobby?

I have always enjoyed blogging, I started to blog way back in 2013/2014 but after my second child was born I stopped blogging completely. And started back in 2017 I love connecting with bloggers that have the same interests as I and all the different cultures. It’s really amazing!

What does the future look like for your blog/business?

I see my blog as a community.. sharing and caring about one another. I want my blog to be different and represent me. 

Where does the name of your blog/business come from?

The Beauty Of Cafe The Beauty has several meanings; Beauty (as in ) makeup, skincare etc.. and the second one is the beauty of it. And Cafe means Coffee in Spanish everyone that knows me ..knows that I looovee a cup of coffee


The two things that I like I put together and named my blog The Beauty Of Cafe.

Can you give one piece of blogging/writing advice before you go?

One blogging advice I would give is ; Always blog for the love of it, make it a beautiful joyful journey. 

I would like to thank Thoughts With N for the opportunity and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing this interview.

Ahhh! I am SO excited to have Catrina here. Please go follow her on Twitter, and check out and follow her blog over here..


Love Always, N


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