I`m incredibly excited to introduce you to Koral!

She is amazing and she has made a home for her blog over here on mine! EEK! YAY!

I wanted you guys to get to know her better so I`ve asked her some questions!

SO excited you`re here!!! Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Koral Dawn – newlywed, artist, survivor, lover and stubborn. I like in the middle of nowhere PA, USA but I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. I’m a cat mum to two lovely kitties – Romeow and MooMoo, who are both 9 years old now. My husband loves cooking, so half the time I don’t have to worry about dinner! 

How old is your blog/business and how did it come to be?

I started out about 7 years ago with this blog and no real intention of it but to explain my every day life and lifestyle. Recently in 2018, I’ve updated and started designing more and putting myself out there on Instagram (@koral_dawn) while creating blog graphics in Canva, and so far it’s taking off!

More recently, I’ve been working on featuring guest bloggers on my page on a variety of different topics, but mainly all dealing with mental health and the daily life struggles we all face. Some about depression, some about anxiety and some just overall stress.

This all started when I was on a contract position for our US Dept. Of Defense writing social media content for our military, their families and children who were in the realm of mental health illness and behavioral health issues. It was a great sensation to be able to write this content, and in turn, I’m trying to keep it alive in my blog with sharing others’ stories of their depression/anxiety and life struggles.

But that’s not all – you’ll occasionally see a post from me from time to time with updates in MY life such as item creation and other projects I’m working on like photography or crafting and baking.

How do you find it is managing life AND entrepreneurship/writing? Any tips?

It’s rough lol. I actually have 2 jobs and one of them i work in a hospital supporting the head of operations for the children’s hospital and PICU. I am a virtual assistant on the side working with KnotBee VA’s and it’s great! If you’re passionate about something, it won’t ever feel like work in my opinion and that’s what this VA stuff is doing and keeping me sane. Haha

Have you always enjoyed writing, or is it a newer hobby?

Always loved writing my feelings out and networking to meet new people on the internet.

What does the future look like for your blog/business

I’m not sure actually. I’d love to fully convert and blog/share stories full time and earn an income but I feel like I need a crash course in it to help me manage. Lol one day maybe when my husband is set for work and loves what he does, then I can back down a bit and focus on VA stuff and marketing/blogging more. 

Where does the name of your blog/business come from?

A little backstory on how I came up with my name for the blog: It’s just some lyrics to a song from when I was 16 years old that I heard… and it’s stuck with me ever since because it can be looked at in so many different ways and to what you’re trying to relate the quote to.

Song: Demention

Artist: Hallucinogen/Simon Posford

Song Writers: Ben Folds / Benjamin Scott Folds

There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane beyond sanity, and yet not insane.Think of a circle with a fine split in it.At one end there’s insanity.You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle,close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.

Can you give one piece of blogging/writing advice before you go?

Blogger advice … be you. Be willing to help others, it’s not a competition. Write what you want to, leave nothing out, and don’t hold anything back. You all blog and share the same love and niche in networking and writing your heart out  support each other’s passions and always leave room in your life for new internet friends. 


️Please go head over to Koral`s Blog and give it a follow. You will find amazing content! TheUnsanityBlog

Thank you Koral for being a part of Thoughts with N! Sending you so much love!

Love Always, N


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