I met Melody through Twitter and I became a huge fan of her!

She is incredible and hard-working and I`m SO excited that she is here on Thoughts with N!!

I wanted you all to get to know Melody, so I`ve asked her some questions!

1. SO excited you`re here!!! Can you tell us a little bit about you?

Melody, and I’m a nurse on the east coast of the U.S. That by itself is a huge part of my identity, but I’ve also been an activist, artist and always writing something or another.  I’m a huge fantasy and scifi nerd and wanted to be a cartoonist before I switched majors from art to nursing.  People’s stories have always been important to me, and using my stories, knowledge and experience to help others has motivated all of my actions since a young age.

2. How old is your blog/buissness and how did it come to be?

My blog is brand-spanking new!  While I have been blogging one way or another since 2003, this project is one with a purpose that I got the ball rolling in July 2019 and launched officially the day I got married on August 9th 2019.  

I launched this blog because I wanted to use my experiences and all the work I’ve done clawing out from rock bottom to help others.  I’m diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 since October 2017 and my mental health concerns predate that by over a decade.  I’ve gotten into thousands of dollars of debt, detonated too many relationships and my life was chaos for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  
In the last year or so I had gotten commendations from friends and family because I had turned it around and come so far.  It came to a head when I was told in an on-line support group that my words and restructuring of thought processes really helped them.  I decided to start a blog, and start it RIGHT.  Self-hosting, all that.  It could either be a really expensive hobby or something I could make money out of but the important part was getting my experiences and knowledge out into the universe.
As an aside, my nursing specialty is so far removed from psychiatry it’s not even funny; I’m an AIDS nurse/primary care nurse in a large city.  It’s too personal for me to help my actual patients with mental health concerns within the limits of my license.

3. How do you find it is managing working and entrepreneurship? Any tips?

 I feel like I’m still finding my footing in making sure I get the rest I need to be sharp for my demanding job while still putting in the work to make my blog as successful as I can.

Right now my major focus is just generating as much content as possible so I can update weekly and still take a break between the end of November through the beginning of January, and not lose my buffer I have built in to accommodate any flares of depression.  I’m not really doing a lot of the auxiliary, yet necessary, work of curating email lists and figuring out an e-book, service or course I could create along with my blog.   I just want to make something good and informative to read.
That largely means I try to write a draft of a post every day at 4am and spend Saturday or Sunday making my images for those posts, editing and adding internal, outgoing and affiliate links to the text.   Then I schedule them out, to go live at 7AM every Tuesday.  Right now I’m scheduled out a month and a half. 
I go to bed before 9pm every night since I’m absolutely useless after work and my best and fastest writing is early in the morning anyway.

4. Have you always enjoyed writing, or is it a newer hobby?

I have been a prolific writer since my early adolescence.  Poetry, short stories, blogging.  I’ve made short scripts for comics as well, since I was always trying to find that one idea I could carry through for weeks and weeks at a time on my webcomic (please don’t ask me for that link, I was 18 last I updated it and it’s horrifying).  

So yes, I love to write, and have loved writing for a long time!

5. What does the future look like for your blog/business

The future of my blog is still unknown!  I’m enjoying the blogging community and I’m learning as much as possible so I can be prepared for any path this endeavor takes me. 

6. Where does the name of your blog/business come from?

The name “Morrigan’s Organized Mind” comes from the new last name my husband & I picked upon getting married, and “organized mind” indicates my blog is about getting your mental state – and yourself – organized, productive and prepared.

7. Can you give one piece of blogging/writing advice before you go?

Just write, keep writing, and write about what you can rant about for hours with your friends.  You’re an expert to somebody about something – leverage that to generate all the content your fingers can hammer out on the keyboard!

I`m so excited to have you here Melody, thank you for being about of Thoughts with N!

Please go follow Melody`s blog over here Morrigansorganizedmind.

Love Always, N


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