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Mind Mapping – What It Is, And Why You Need To Try

With the last two months being so unreal, juggling my mental health and life, I’ve been turning to mind mapping as a coping tool.

When covid-19 started spreading quickly, I really thought there was no way that could happen in Canada. I thought we were immune to these tragedies. Boy, has this been eye-opening. Canada, of course, is not immune. We’ve been hit hard, and locked down too.

At the beginning, in March, I actually enjoyed my family being home. I wasn’t needing to find a coping tool. Mind mapping hadn’t entered into my life yet. I don’t mean that I was happy about the state of the world, but I was happy to have so much time with my kids and fiance.

We built tents, played Nerf guns, and had massive games of hide and seek. We colored 80 million pictures, and watched Disney plus and Netflix. A month later though, I was feeling exhausted. I had run out of games, and I did not want to color another picture ever.

April in Manitoba is basically still winter.

There is still snow everywhere and while some may be melting, we go through this awkward time where it might look nice, but it’s icy EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, it’s been hard. I’m sure many can relate, but my mental health has done nothing but deteriorate. My regular coping skills weren’t helping me enough.

First I recognized what my stresses were.

When I have a lot of things in my mind (which is basically all the time), it’s very difficult to make sense of anything. I started to make what I call my mind map.

Mind map example

Mind mapping has helped me gain control over my mental health.

I use the middle for the main issue, and then I branch off of it with what could be the reasons or contributing factors. Doing this has helped me so much! It helps me be able to identify how I’m feeling and give it a name, and then I can sort of “organize” my thoughts.

Have you ever used a coping technique mind mapping? Have you found it helpful?

Love Always, N

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