If you’re a regular here then you know I’ve been tied to the couch for a while. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Minecraft Creative builds. I love Minecraft Creative and find a lot of joy in exploring it. It’s like a blank canvas and Minecraft Creative creators can explore and create anything! If you’re new here, WELCOME! – and if you want to read why I can’t walk then here’s the post for you – – WHY I CAN’T WALK. (Also if you indulge in shows on Netflix consider reading my latest blog post about my newest obsession! – A Bingeworthy Netflix Series.

I’m a big Minecraft fan and I’ve been really enjoying creating. I love using different colors and trying to create new things. Today I’m sharing a list of 50 Minecraft Creative build ideas.

50 Minecraft Creative Build Inspo Ideas

  1. A waterpark. Not just a waterslide though. A full-fledged waterpark.
  2. Movie theatre
  3. Wedding set up
  4. A dome
  5. Mansion
  6. Aquarium
  7. Hot dog stand
  8. Hockey rink
  9. Flower bouquet
  10. Theme park
  11. Campground
  12. 2-D Art
  13. People
  14. Grocery store
  15. Parking lot
  16. Boat Ride
  17. Rainbow
  18. Ship
  19. Water fountain
  20. Treehouse
  21. Arena
  22. Pool table
  23. Wall mural
  24. Outdoor kitchen
  25. Dreamhouse
  26. Log Cabin
  27. Ice Castle
  28. Shopping Center
  29. A model of your house
  30. working garage doors
  31. Flower store
  32. Play structure
  33. Dog park
  34. zoo
  35. Floating house
  36. Light house
  37. Mansion
  38. Farm
  39. Community garden
  40. Pyramid
  41. Cathedral
  42. Boathouse
  43. Cinema
  44. Subway station
  45. Maze
  46. Statue
  47. Bridge
  48. Penthouse
  49. Clock tower
  50. Restaurant

Do you play Minecraft? What do you like to build? Can you add to this list?

Love Always, N

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