As we have gone through adult-hood, we have definitely incurred our fair share of debts.

I always think to myself, `oh if only I knew then what I know now`. I have learned SO much when it comes to money and finances, and my mindset has changed a lot.

I have changed jobs more times than what I even want to admit, and each time it felt like the completely right decision.

Thank you Bipolar Disorder. So needless to say, it`s been tricky to find a budget and then maintain it and stick to it.

Every time it feels like we make great goals. Then I get some big idea, it seems perfect, and everything changes again.

So needless to say, our debt has only gone up and up.

I`ve been at home now full-time since the beginning of June, and I`m really enjoying my time. Our budget is definitely a lot tighter than what it was when I was working too, but, I am more relaxed and at ease.

I think sometimes, there has to be more to life than just money.

Though I know that is very difficult, because life is really just so expensive.

Staying at home has really forced us to think longer term, and be able to brace and anticipate some expenses. However, sometimes things come up, and the debt goes higher and higher.

Anyone can say we should have a savings account and use that instead of credit.

But, being such young parents of 3 small children, we just don`t have that financial flexibility yet. We`re making ends meet, and everyone has what they need.

I know we should pay more than the minimum payments, but right now we just can`t. Minimum is our maximum right now.

So, we plan to coast for the next 2 years. In 2 years our car will be finally paid off, and that frees up over $500 every month.

Sometimes it makes me incredibly anxious, but really, even if I went out of the house to work, then we`d have to pay for childcare, so sometimes it`s just not worth it.

This has taught me so much though. Hopefully I haven`t learned the lessons too late.

I think very hard before buying things now, and I no longer treat my mental illness with more clothing. I never realised how much clothing I had!

Once the two years have passed, then we will have much more free money, and can start tackling some other debt.

I think it`s safe to say that I have learned my lesson though when it comes to not spending what I don`t have!

Do you make long-term financial goals? Do you find it helpful in staying on track?

Love Always, N

P.S. Don`t forget to stop by my post over here where I`m sharing my budget tips!


6 thoughts on “Two Year Tunnels

  1. In recent years the one thing I have learned is that if you chip away at it, even though it seems like it will take forever, you get there! Just one step at a time! You’ve got this!

  2. Long term financial planning is essential when you have children, their needs and requirements are foremost. How exciting when you pay off your car, freeing up the budget. Great read thank you

  3. Oh, that final car payment is so exciting! I don’t ever want another car loan. I am happy to drive my car till the wheels fall off! I can’t imagine being home and having that stress.

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