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My Morning Routine | Alarm Clocks | Meditation| & The Details

I have recently jumped on the morning routine bus. Well, not quite recently, its’ been about two months. So, writing about this, I’m speaking from a place you can trust. This is exactly what I do, and the exact products that I use in my own morning routine. Maybe some of these will be helpful to you! Take notes,  bookmark this page, or pin for later so you can remember this EASY morning routine that has changed the way my day goes.

morning routine

What is a morning routine?

Before I tell you what MY morning routine is, lets’ unpack what a morning routine is in the first place. A morning routine is a certain set of things you do on a routine basis. It could be associated with the time but doesn’t have to be. A morning routine helps to set your day up for success. It’s’ like training your body and mind to do these certain things in this specific order. I highly suggest developing a morning routine, and before you roll your eyes at me – – -let me tell you why.


  • it sets the tone for the entire day
  • it is a way to show myself compassion and care first thing in the morning
  • it increases productivity
  • lowers stress levels
  • helps in developing healthy habits

How I Feel Now

Now that I have a morning routine, I’ve noticed a few things. My day begins more organized. I don’t know if that makes sense? lol! It feels like I know what I’m supposed to do when I wake up so there’s way less anxiety. (And I am HERE for anything that lessens my anxiety.) I like knowing what is coming and even what I’m supposed to be doing. Basically, the less thinking for me in the morning, the better! LOL!

So – What’s MY Morning Routine?

A good morning routine begins with sleep.

After that – it’s all about how you wake up. I used to wake up with an abrupt alarm clock and it was like I was waking up in a PANIC every single morning. Now I have a smart watch. I personally have a Saumsung one, but for this purpose I’m sure any one would work.

A Few PINK Budget-Friendly Options

pink smart watch pink smart watch pink smart watch

I use my smartwatch to give me a gentle wake-up. Rather than BOLTING me awake it kind of lulls me awake. I find it much easier to wake up like this.

SIDE NOTE TANGENT – My husband uses one of those old school BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP alarms like this one .

When it goes off at 4:45 am I wake up almost furious. Like, imagine, you’re sleeping just super soundly and deeply and


A gentle wake-up is a must for me. I do not want to be in the middle of a dream and be thrown into reality. Oh gosh – that sounds dreadful. There are also some really good alarm lights that work too.


I don’t have one of these so I can’t speak personally but you can read about sunrise alarms over HERE.

I have a cozy mat right at my bed so that my feet don’t touch the floor right away. I live in a bi-level home so our rooms are downstairs and the floors get so cold. The mat helps me a lot. I step out of bed onto this cozy mat and stretch. Usually, my body is very stiff and needs all the stretching it can get – thank you sciatica.

Then I come upstairs. (Upstairs is our main living space.) I set the coffee maker (If I’m really on the ball I do this the night before so that all I have to do in the morning is turn it on.) Then it’s over to the wall for a legs up meditation. This is AMAZING and if you don’t do this already then you need to start! Actually, I should probably do a whole post about it. But basically, you lay on the floor with your but against the wall and your legs up vertically. The benefits are enormous. This is an essential part of my morning routine now. And yes, it did take some work to get it into being normal, but oh gosh, its’ a great way to start my day!

Morning Routine Must-Haves


I am a member of FItOn and use all of their meditations. You can browse them here – Fit On Meditations

I like to do the legs up with meditation and nice lighting and aromatherapy all at the same time. It helps me get a lot of wellness things in all at the same time. So by this point in my morning, I’ve already meditated, done some legs up stretching and I’m feeling good and ready.

A Few Things I Will Add

When my budget loosens up a bit, there are a few things that I’ll be looking to purchase to add to this routine.  

The next thing I do in my morning routine is making my cup of coffee and sit down to journal. I’m just getting into the hang of making this a routine so I make it simple. I write 3 things I’m grateful for. It’s just simple but for me – that’s what sticks. When I make tiny, micro changes and implement them each day. When they start to pile up they become an entire routine.

This method is called habit stacking.

And – it can be life-changing. I suggest you try it!

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After this it’s coffee.

I love my morning coffee. It’s absolutely essential to my morning. I can NOT function without it.

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?? ???? ?? ???????

My skincare and make up routine is very simple so don’t click away thinking that this is too fancy for you. I’ve read a TON of blog posts about beauty routines that include products that are like $300. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford that. And, even if I could, I truly don’t want to.I wanted to find products that were easy and made me feel great.

Here are all my products that I use every morning –

In that order too. I ice-roll first.

For about 15 minutes. (There’s no rhyme or reason to the time though.) Then I apply the oil and ice roll until the oil is soaked into my skin. I use the poreless putty primer and let it set for 30 seconds and then dust my face with the powder. These four steps give me a very refreshed and ready-to-go look. They are my must-haves always.

What are your thoughts about implementing a morning routine? Do you have one? Does it help? I’m very interested in connecting about this! I’d love to know your thoughts. Connect with me below or fill in the contact form to connect one on one.

For some additional resources about routines visit the following

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4 Comments on “My Morning Routine | Alarm Clocks | Meditation| & The Details

  1. Love how you have well defined morning routine. And how you have given people options. It is so important to have a morning routine because it sets the tone for the entire day. Taking back a few product recommendations for sure.

  2. I love my salt lamp! I had to get one with the salt enclosed because of my curious cat, but it’s amazing. And it has a built-in diffuser for an extra boost! As for a routine? Nah, I don’t have one at the moment because I’m always working weird and wonderful shifts, but hopefully soon!

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