If you have stumbled upon this page, then you probably know I have a real passion for writing!

I have written a few books and self-published them. I have also published one with Wisteria Publishing.

Journey To Be Unbroken : A Never-Ending Path

I donate 10% of the funds I make from this book to The Manitoba Mood Disorders Association. This is a book of poetry that is very dear to me. It does have some darkness and twistyness to it, but it was written in a very dark time in my life. Now my hope is to raise awareness and be a part of the conversation on life with mental illness.

She (used to refer to a woman or girl)

This is another book of poetry. I donate 10% of this one as well to the same association as above. It encompasses a strong female character fighting every day but is less dark than Journey To Be Unbroken.

Having your support with either of these would mean everything to me. I am just a small indie writer and as I’m sure you know, every little bit helps!

I also have a short story featured in the amazing book What’s Love Got To Do With It.

I hope I can add more to this one day, but this is it for now 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!

Love Always, N