2020 turned into something that I never could have imagined.

A purple clock is about to strike midnight on New Years Eve. The title reads Embracing The New Year.

This time last year I was ready for it to be THE year. You know which year I’m referring to, right? The one where I finally get my shit together and life makes sense. Well, then the pandemic hit and life got 70 times harder. Day after day we were forced to live with new health orders and new advice. Fake news exploded and conspiracy theories were everywhere. Needless to say 2020 was not THE year. It brought tears, sadness and loneliness to entirely new levels.

It was a year of resilience.

The goal quickly changed to simply making it through. Staying alive and healthy became the new goal. It became a mission. Clearly, I made it through. I’ve learned to be resilient in a whole new way. My priorities changed as did my goals. Now I find myself at the beginning of another new year. How is it even possible that 2020 is complete? I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude, and I’m so thankful to be here making business and personal goals for 2021. Blogging is definitely my calling. 2021 will be the year for my blog. I’m committing to learning as much as possible and making my blog the best it can be.

Topics I’m going to focus on:




-growing my Instagram (which you can follow over HERE)

I’m going to continue working towards growing and expanding my brand. I’m going to continue to use my platform to educate, inform, and expand peoples’ minds. A few topics you can expect to read about are mental health, anxiety and bipolar disorder, and self care. 2021 will be a year of healing and hustling for me. 2020 showed me what’s important. It took away all the “extra” things and made me work towards happiness with less. I’m taking what 2020 taught me and putting everything I have into 2021.

I’m not sure it’s a resolution I’m making, or if I’m just turning my focus towards myself and being at peace with that.

I’m going to learn into my wants and desires, and I’m refusing to allow any guilt in. I’ve devoted the last however many years being committed to being my best for everyone else. Now I’m turning the spotlight to myself. I’m going to be the best for me.

How do you feel about 2021? Have you made goals? Do you make resolutions?

Share with me below!

Love Always, Enn

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12 thoughts on “My Wishes For The New Year

  1. 2020 definitely threw all of us a curve ball and put things into perspective in a way that forced many of us to reflect on what we’d like or need more of in our lives. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Your resolution is a great one. Always strive to be better for you. I think that is something I have learned as well. Life is quite too short to only focus on what others expect from you. All the best of luck to you in 2021 Enn!

  3. Great way to close 2020 and plan for 2021! This year has tested everyone. You either learned how to overcome obstacles or fell deeper into life itself. Good luck to you and Happy New Year!

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