The deep brown eyes, held so much pain,
the demons inside her drove her insane.

The chanting around,
though there was no sound,
the shriek, the cry,
the taunting, the sigh,
she was still not good enough,
she still carried around so much stuff.

They were always there,
and they did not share.
She could never love,
and she found it hard to be loved.

She knew she wasn`t worthy of it,
her demons would make her sit,
and hear all the ways she had failed,
and away her dreams and goals did sail.

They would circle around her,
her tears did fall,
until they were a river,
that was oh so tall.

She wished she could swim away,
or she could make her demons pay,
for all the sadness they have brought
when joy and happiness was all she sought.

On the outside she looked well,
she didn`t look like she was in hell.
Her heart was always empty,
`i give up`, said she.

They got to her.
Convinced her she was no good.
Convinced her of what she knew she should.

Her tears flowed more,
her sobs did soar.
She asked for help,
she asked all herself,
no one did hear,
this is what she feared.

She looked down,
she looked to the ground,
and wondered if it felt,
her tears that she dealt.

She felt something on her back,
human connection was something of lack,
she looked up to see,
he was looking at me.

He saw through her hell,
looked deep into her eyes,
told her, her demons were just lies.

He took her hand tightly,
and told her lightly,
i love you til the end.

Your demons don`t scare me,
I won`t go away.
I got you my love,
Our love will rise above,
all that you carry,
I know it is so scary,
please know, that though it`s daring,
though they are bearing,
and their anger flaring,
We will beat them,
one by one.

Love Always,

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11 thoughts on “One by One

  1. That was very beautiful. I felt that. My anxiety and panic attacks used to get really bad and sometimes I'd just be left feeling empty and it's a scary place, but I'm glad that I was able to get the help/counseling that I could. And why I feel like it is important for me to let others know that I care and am here, even if I do not know them.

  2. So beautiful! I love poetry but was never sure how good I really was.
    This makes me want to at least start practicing again. It's easier to express myself that way.

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