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9 Online Games I’m Loving

Over a year into the pandemic, I am LOVING online games!

Before the pandemic, I actually never played games online. But now, I can honestly say I love them! So fun and entertaining! Today I’m sharing 9 games I love, how you play, and what I love about them.

Neon Snake

This game definitely takes me back to childhood!! The classic snake game. Using your arrows on your keyboard, you guide the snake around, collecting coins, being careful not to eat your tail! (Your snake grows as you collect the coins.) I really enjoyed this game as a child, and now even as an adult! I made it to 64 as a score. See if you can beat me! (I’m guessing you definitely can.) Also, the little snake character is super cute.

Tap Supermarket Grocery Store

I wasn’t sure if I would like this one. It involves a bit more thinking. It’s basically like a simulation of you running a store. You’re responsible for restocking shelves, expanding, and running the cash registers. I actually really loved this game. I play it A LOT. Highly recommend. By clicking with your mouse you quickly stock your shelves, and grow your business right before your eyes. I liked how simple this simulation game was. I didn’t have to input any prices or anything like that.

Jumper Frog

I wasn’t 100% sure at the beginning what I was supposed to be doing, but that was ONLY BECAUSE, I skipped reading the instructions at the beginning. I’m one of those people who sort of skim, or skip, and then figure it out. So to play the game, you use your keyboard arrow keys to cross the road, and get over the pond. You have to be careful to not get run over by the vehicles or land in the water. You hop on over to one of the 5 little coves. I managed to get 1 in a cove. To beat the level you need to get 5 frogs in the coves. I played two rounds of this game and both times ended with game over! But. it was super fun. Definitely worth checking out.

Earth Attack

This one wasn’t my favorite. You control the earth and moon shooters with the arrows on your keyboard and you aim them at red flaming balls. I thought the design of the game was super cute! I just found that the earth/moon shooter moved slow. However, I played only one round. Maybe it moves faster at a higher level? If you go play it, let me know if the earth speeds up! –


I was not very good at this game. The highest score I was able to get was 1470! And that was after several attempts. It’s basically a new take on the classic Pacman game. If you like Pacman you will love this!

Fight Virus

Stop the spread of covid-19 in this awesome simulation game. Similar to the grocery one I mentioned earlier, it involves clicking your mouse and keeping on top of all patients, sanitation, and health of everyone. Very neat game.


This is an updated take on the classic snake game. You use your arrows on your keyboard to steer your snake to collect coins. While you collect the coins, you grow, and you build bridges to get to the next level. I was pretty terrible at this game. Lol. But, it definitely is fun!

Happy Golf

I’m not generally a fan of golf, but this game was quite entertaining and addictive. You basically just aim the shot to land in the hole. I did not make it past level 1, but did click a button and it brought me to level 9, so naturally I gave it a try. My golf ball went flying off the screen. Definitely recommend this one.

FlapCat Seampunk

Stop what you’re doing and go play this one and tell me if it’s hard for you. I tried SO many times, and could not get past the first obstacle. You click to keep your little character up and not touch the obstacles. This was very difficult for me for some reason and now I want to know if it was hard for anyone else! Lol

Do you ever play any online games? Did you give any of these a try? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

Love Always, Enn

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  1. Maybe some of these games will help me with my fighting. Oh I bet some of those do bring back memories, like the snake game. I loved playing pong for whatever reason.

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