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The entire world changed on March 11, 2020 when the World Health Organisation declared the global outbreak of Covid-19 a pandemic. We found ourselves at home, studying guides to hobbies and games. (Much like this beginner’s guide to paper cutting.)

Countries began to lock down, and millions of people were stuck at home. Some working from home, others lost their jobs, but none the less, we were all stuck at home. Every movement I had once made, I completely took for granted. Being able to go to the park and play with my children, or go grocery shopping. These were things I didn`t even know could be taken away.

I`m sure many of us binged on our favorite shows, re-watched our childhood movies, and maybe even got silly and built forts and played hide and seek!

But, after all that, we started getting a bit antsy didn`t we? Maybe you`re even still in quarantine and you`re country under lock down rules. If you are in need of a new hobby, I highly suggest checking out paper cutting. Along with coloring, painting, and other artsy things, paper cutting explores creativity in such a unique way, bringing satisfaction and exploration in every piece!

Paper cutting is an art form that has been around since the 4th century when the Chinese invented paper.

While it looks purely decorative, it has actually been used for religious purposes, as well as patterns for embroidery. Paper cutting can be incredibly intricate, involving a ton of skill, or very simple, making it a wonderful hobby for every one!

So… what is it? What is paper cutting?

It`s literally exactly what it sounds like! Cutting paper. Cutting it into beautiful, intricate, simple, anything, designs.

Paper cutting requires a few tools that can be purchased at any art store, and most department stores.

  1. A good cutting mat. This mat is going to save your table/counter, or whatever you are working on. Get yourself a decent-good one! Make sure that it`s a good size as well. It`s better to give yourself more workspace, rather than having to cram yourself into a too small workspace.
  2. A knife of some kind is needed. Many people use a craft knife, others a scalpel, and others an x-acto knife. The kind isn`t overly important so long as the blade comes to a thin point and is flexible. This will allow you to make all your necessary cuts with ease.
  3. A metal ruler is a must. Cutting along a metal ruler will ensure your lines are straight, without running the risk of cutting the ruler itself. Using a plastic ruler, you may nick the ruler accidentally, creating a line that is not straight and may result in a rip or tear.
  4. And, of course, paper! The options for paper are really amazing! There is literally a paper for everything and everyone! A good rule of thumb is, the thinner the paper is, the easier it is to cut, but the less forgiving it is for tears/rips. Thicker paper is harder to cut, but more forgiving to rips and tears. There are many different finishes you can explore as well, such as, glossy, matte, sparkly, and metallic. Always test out paper cutting on the finish before you begin a big project, just so you can get a feel for it. It`s said that on average, cutters like to use 120-160 GSM paper. But, it also, really is just a preferance. Play around with different papers, different textures, and explore different results.

Experiment with various papers, and even different textures. Changing up both of these will give you a completely different look to your completed project!

Examples of some different papers to try are:

  • photo paper
  • water color paper
  • printing paper
  • card stock
  • cardboard
  • tissue paper
  • brown recycled paper

Exploring paper, textures, and finishes can be a really neat way to enjoy paper cutting.

When you first begin, you may make some tears or rips, and that is perfectly okay! Keep at it! It is a fun, and beautiful creative outlet with endless possibilities! Need some paper cut template ideas?

Paper cutting craft ideas:

Flower Garland – Flower garland is perfect for any celebration or even just for decor! It can be used to create a homey feel indoors, or to add a flair of elegance or feminimity.

Rolled Paper Flower Templates SVG, 3D Rose SVG, Origami Rose example image 1

Wedding Invitations – Maybe you, or someone you know is getting married?! Eek! Congratulations if that`s the case! Offer to make the invitations! (Perhaps after some practice of course!!)

tri fold wedding invitation, svg dxf laser cut template example image 1

Teddy Bear Frame – Know someone expecting? Try this teddybear. Pair it with a yellow or green background and put it in a frame. For an added touch, use a shadow box frame and add `welcome baby`in scrabble lettering! It becomes a beautiful gift for a nursery.

Teddy Bear paper cut SVG / DXF / EPS / PNG files example image 1

Butterfly – Use these butterflies with colored paper that will match your kitchen, and before you know it, you`ll have butterflies fluttering around!

Bundle of 9 Spring Papercut Templates, Butterfly SVG, Garden example image 1

A greeting card – Why not send a friend/loved one a card with a beautiful paper cut design? Some of my favorite ones to add to a card are :

Dia De Los Muertos - Paper Cutting Template example image 1
Meadow Heart - Papercut Template SVG EPS DXF PNG PDF JPG example image 1

So, how do you get started? We all agree that paper cutting is awesome and worth a try! But how? Right?!

Well, if you`re an artsy one, you can draw something, and using the tools I listed above, you can get going quickly! Or, I`d recommend checking out Design Bundles and get a beautiful template to explore! Design Bundles has THOUSANDS of paper cutting templates to explore. You can go through, and pick through so, so many, then download, print and get crafting!

Design Bundles is a website that is absolutely perfect whether your are a hobbyist or a professional!

It was created to cater to independent crafters. It offers quality resources at LOW prices. Each bundle is exclusive and available for a limited time only. There is a MASSIVE selection of quality products. You also receive unlimited support for any purchase and a lifetime download guarantee. There are so many amazing templates to browse through, you are sure to find the inspiration you crave! Browse through seasonal and celebratory templates, along with ones that are unique and beautiful.

Have you ever tried paper cutting?

Love Always, N


21 thoughts on “The Beginner`s Guide To Paper Cutting

  1. I’ve got to admit this looks so interesting. I’ve never tried paper cutting. I was hooked once I saw the teddy bear! It looks like it would be so hard to do though with all those intricate little pieces that are cut out and away. I get stuck just trying to weed little pieces out of vinyl so I can only imagine but the results would be so worth it to decorate homemade cards and other paper creations (bookmarks, journal covers, etc). I really love this! Thanks for writing this post and sharing it! ♥

  2. What a great little craft to get into. I love the intricate ones, are these all done by hand? The only paper cutting I do is making cards, but I use a die-cut machine to get all the intricate types of designs. There is just something about making something so pretty out of something so simple isn’t there?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  3. What intricate patterns and designs one can make paper-cutting! Having to pay minute attention to the cutting makes it undoubtedly relaxing, though the closest I have come to paper cutting is origami. 🙂

  4. It is so cool to see different tools used for paper cutting. These different designs look amazing! The details look so cool. I love that there is technology that can help with precision. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  5. I’ve never done any paper cutting before but I’d love to give it a go. It would be a wonderful thing to add to my self-care schedule.
    Thanks for sharing this pet and giving me something else creative to get my teeth into.

  6. I’ve never done paper cutting. I didn’t realize how many cool things could be made though! Wow.
    I really want to try this. I hope I can make some amazing looking stuff.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I bet you Definitely can make amazing looking art! I hope you share it with me! Sending so much love and positivity your way ?

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