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It has been an immensely long 19 months of living during Covid times. That’s how I refer to it now. Covid times. With many restrictions in place, it can be hard to figure out how to plan the most special day of your life. Your wedding. I was in this very same position at the beginning of 2020. I was engaged and planning my wedding. Every day I waited for 12:30 pm because that is when the covid news was released, and that was when new restrictions would be announced. For much of 2020, we were under strict restrictions to not gather, not see people and to stay home. Not exactly the ideal wedding planning feel right?

None the less my wedding prevailed and on July 25, 2020, We were married. We had ten guests and a very intimate and personal ceremony. While it was stressful because of covid, it was still so wonderful and amazing.

Today I’m sharing tips for planning a wedding during these uncertain times.

  1. I understand that not everyone loves the outdoors, but if you ensure your environment allows for outdoor space then you’re one up to covid. Covid restrictions are much more strict indoors. We had our entire wedding outdoors, but it was plus 36 celsius and we melted!
  2. Plan to have shade options for your guests. Remember, the sun affects everyone differently. Try to have some beautiful shaded seating arranged so everyone can enjoy the beautiful day in comfort.
  3. Buy a lot of bottled water.
  4. Hire a photographer for wedding photos. This will ensure you get those perfect shots. Make sure everyone shares their photos with each other as well. You can use a hashtag at the wedding to ensure everyone can see them on social media. (Ex. #bradandjenswedding) You might have to play around with wording to find one that hasn’t been used, but it’s worth doing this.
  5. Have a budget. It’s very easy for wedding costs to get way out of hand. I had a very detailed budget for each big part of the wedding. (Ex. flowers, food, dress, suit, etc.) Each category had its own budget. I found it easier to stick to a budget like this.
  6. Dress shop early. This will allow you to experience many different styles, looks and even colours. (If you need some wedding dress ideas check out this post from my Wednesday Wedding series – Wear Your Love).
  7. Whether you’re looking for wedding or prom dresses for your body type¬†try on lots! Even styles you’re not 100% sold on. You really never know until you try it on.
  8. Simple. Do things simply. Do things the way you really want to. After all, this is your very special day.
  9. ENJOY. Don’t forget to enjoy your incredible day!

Covid has caused a lot of disruption to what we once knew as regular living, but it doesn’t need to take away your wedding. Plan accordingly around the restrictions so you can still have your special day.

Did you get married or attend a wedding during covid times? What did you think of it?

Love Always, Enn


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