Do you have that person on your list that is unbearably difficult to shop for?

Everything you think of buying, they either already have, or somebody else buys your idea for them. Holiday shopping can bring a lot of stress for people. I wanted to share with you this perfect little gift that would have so many uses!

Viggi Handmade is an incredible shop with an even more incredible mission!

Irene makes pouches that can be used for a variety of things. 

Her intention is to make quality pouches, to help people organize their valuables. They can be used to store coins, make up, toiletries, passports, jewelry.. so many possibilities.

Durability, elegance and usefulness are important qualities to me. She loves colors, patterns and textures and is always looking for a way to bring this forth in her creations.

‘Every day she is grateful for the life that she can live, to be able to create and make a living out of it. She is grateful that she can share her passion with the world and make it a bit more beautiful.

‘For every sold item she donates 20 trees to Trees for the Future.

 Irene believes we need more trees. She also believes each individual has a role to play.

A lot of small contributions will add up to something huge. If we keep on planting trees, eventually it will become a forest, and we will have done it together. Every small decision can make a huge difference.’ 

Irene left me feeling so inspired and empowered. This isn`t just a gorgeous little pouch, it`s a gift that keeps giving.

It`s a gift of planting trees and helping our planet also.

The possibilities are endless for what you can use this zippered pouch for, and I think it would make an incredible gift.

Please stop by and check out Irene`s INCREDIBLE shop today and support her mission!

Love Always,N

*This post was made possible by ViggiHandmade*


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