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The Most Beautiful Prom Dresses

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All over the world prom has been cancelled.

Absolutely devastating. We wait our whole school lives for that one event. For anyone affected by this, I’m so sorry.

My grad dress was emerald green with diamonds going down the front. It was beautiful, and I felt like a princess. I wish every person to have this feeling.

Some features that I love in a dress are lace, and sparkle! However, I do also love simplicity and minimalism as well. I love very elaborate hair accessories and eye lashes!

Here are some of my favorite grad dresses for 2020.

This boho dress is one of my favorites.

I love the lace detail and how simple the long skirt is. There are many color variations so you can have your favorite for sure!

Here is another boho style one!

I love the length and the simple elegance of this one.

This black floor length gown is different from the other two I’ve picked.

This is much more simple with small details that make it very eye catching.

The color of this one is AMAZING! I love the shoulders of this one. The back has beautiful lace detail.

I love floral as well. The sleeves on this dress are amazing!

Dress tips I’ve learnt:

  • Be open minded to trying on different styles and colors.
  • Do some research about different styles and options so you are aware of what’s available before you go.
  • Go with someone so it’s a fun experience.
  • Try on LOTS!
  • Buy the one you LOVE. Don’t stop looking until you fall in love with the dress.

What are some dress shopping tips you have?

Love Always, N

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