Hi hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Today I’m sharing some really interesting psychology facts and my thoughts about them.

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and it’s functions. It’s something I find super neat to learn about. So let’s get to it!

1. Food made by someone else tastes better, even if you follow the same recipe.

I’m thinking the logic comes from the effort you put in to create the meal, and I totally agree with this. Preparing a meal can be a lot of work, and effort and sometimes, by the time I get to sit down to eat it, my mood likely affects the taste. (Or, how I perceive the taste.)

2. Your memories are easy to manipulate.

This one kind of creeped me out a little. If memories are easy to manipulate, then is anything I remember real?

3. You would prefer anticipating something bad over not knowing what to expect.

This one is a definite YES. I can’t stand not knowing what to expect. Even if it’s likely something good, I still can’t stand it. I like being prepared, and knowing what is coming.

4. Being tested on things helps you remember them better.

I agree with this, but would just like to point out that sometimes a test can create anxiety, which can make those things harder to remember. But generally speaking, I totally agree with this.

5. Crying has benefits.

OH YES. Sometimes I find crying to be like a release of things I was carrying. It can feel very therapeutic.

6. Some people are afraid of feeling too much happiness.

I think I am one of these people. I think every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so therefore if there is TOO much happiness, that would mean that something unhappy is coming. (That’s how I see it anyways.) I did not realise that other people felt this way though!

7. Receiving rewards could convince you that a boring task was fun.

DEFINITELY agree with this. Sometimes I make myself a little reward system to help myself get through whatever the task is.

Did you know all these facts? Which one is the most interesting to you?

Love Always, Enn

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6 thoughts on “7 Psychology Facts I Found Interesting

  1. Fact number 5 is the one I find the most interesting. Crying helps us release what we have inside. It’s good to get rid of the overflow of emotions. It makes you lighter and calms you down. Keeping everything inside eventually has an impact on our body and we must avoid saturating it if we want to maintain our well-being. Thank you for sharing.


  2. This was an interesting post to read & some of these I knew like #2. That’s why recovered-memory therapy (hypnosis for example) is so controversial because it’s easy to make someone remember something that never actually happened. Also our memory isn’t that great & that’s eye witnesses will often have conflicting accounts of the same event

    I also completely agree with #1! I’m pretty good at cooking, but the food tastes even better when my bf or his mom cooks.

  3. I was actually watching something on Netflix, “The brain explained” and that’s where I originally saw how our memories are actually rigged — Like, our memory ain’t as good as we think it actually is. Not only it’s manipulable, but fact-checking them can prove what we remember actually hasn’t been how it went at all. o.o

    In the same serie was another take on #3- one would prefer get a bad thing NOW than wait to see the potential of something better happening.. ithink the exemple was making the people in the experiment picking a more higher-volt now than a smaller one down the road at random timing.

    #7 makes me think how we’re just like dogs ? Reward systems actually works!

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