Being in a writing slump is HARD and FRUSTRATING, so naturally I turned to my audience for help!

Thank you for asking the questions and helping to make my wheels move again. Blogging takes a lot of energy and Blogtober is hard to keep up with. Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there, it`s okay to stop. It`s okay to not complete it. You are amazing either way.

1- From KerryHodgson – What are your top tips for coping on a bad mental health day? Excellent question! Thank you for asking it! So, my number one tip would always be to practise kindness to yourself. It`s okay to have bad mental health days, and you don`t even need to try to fix it or anything. Practise kindness, self-love, and self-care. Do things that day that feel good to your heart and soul. Some other things I do that help me are to spend time outside. I love being outdoors, no matter what the weather is like. It always is a mood booster for me.

Practise being mindful and present. Being mindful, and being aware of the moment you are in, rather than worrying about future moments, or past moments can help with any anxieties. Yoga. I know maybe you might be rolling your eyes at this one, and I am not suggesting it as a fix for mental illness, but honestly, just a few simple yoga poses can get your blood flowing and your body looser, and your mind calmer. My last tip would be to pay attention to how you are fueling your body and soul. What sort of nutrition are you putting into your body? When was the last time you drank water? These things are so important in terms of balancing and keeping good mental health!

2- From Amanda Burnett, – What inspired you to create your blog? I honestly thought blogging was so cool for so long. I often would look into creating one, but would get discouraged really quickly, because, well, let`s face it, blogging is a lot of work! There was so much to learn. I think, I finally just got tired of giving up honestly.

I try to be a good role model for my kids, and I definitely don`t want them not doing something just because it`s hard. Writing allowed me to clear my head and get my emotions down on paper, which for me, made them real and concrete. Real emotions were much easier for me to handle than emotions that didn`t make any sense. I also wanted to be a part of the change, and I wanted to inspire others to share their story. It slowly just all came together.

3- From Melanie.City – What is your happiest Autumn memory? While I really love every Autumn season, my favourite and happiest memory would have to be my little girl being born. She was born Oct 21, 2014 and brought/brings so much joy to my life.

4 – From My Anxious Life – How do you balance work, blogging, being a Mom and staying on top of your mental health? In short form, I don`t. Lol. I just aim for my best every day. The best that my body and mind can give on that day, with no comparison to the past. I work from home, and blogging and self-love coaching is my job, so that is helpful for me. My kids are 8, almost 6 and 2, so 8 and 6 are quite independent. They are also very proud of me and happy for what I`ve accomplished so far, and excited for my future.

Writing while 2 is running wild can be a bit crazy sometimes, but, it`s okay. I always have a plan for my weeks, and what I want to accomplish each day is written in. For example, laundry, wash blankets, draft new blog post, etc. There is a home section, and a business section, and I plan out all my tasks for the week. I struggle staying on top of my mental health for sure, but I am still learning to listen to my body. Sometimes I work for LONG periods of time and don`t realise how exhausted I am. I`ve started scheduling in time off as well.

4 – From Soph – Which of your blog posts is your number one favourite? Hmmm… such a good question, and so hard to answer! If it`s allowed I am going to name my top 3 if that`s okay?…



To All You People Who Called Me Fat

5 – From Cody Sexton – A book that made me see the world differently. This is going to sound so cliche I`m sure, but honestly, Harry Potter. I started reading it when I was in grade 2, and basically grew up with the series. I found comfort in how different it was, and how different Harry Potter was, being a wizard. It was almost like I could escape how lonely I was every time I opened a book. It gave me hope.

This was so much fun and helped me feel inspired so much! Thank you to those who participated! I appreciate you so much!

Love Always, N


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  1. Enjoyable post. I’ve only seen the Harry Potter films so i’ll have to give the books a try. Thank you for the inspiration of not feeling compelled to put on a brave face on bad mental health days ?

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