Deck the halls and start baking some cookies, because Christmas is NEXT week.

How did it sneak up on me so fast? I swore after last year, I was going to be ready for Christmas this year with months to spare. I’m beginning to understand that 2020 was a year like no other. With the number of covid-19 cases rising rapidly day after day, there is simply no way I could have been as prepared as I would have liked.

So I’m drowning in amazon packages that have yet to be opened, and the pile of Christmas decorations I promised my kids we’d hang up. Alongside that don’t forget all the snowmen that are yet to be built, and the cookies that need baking. Christmas comes with a lot to do, and every mama out there likely wants to make it as magical as possible. This year memories are going to stand out even more for our children, as it is a year like no other.

My entire life I have spent Christmas with my mama and dad.

That is 30 Christmas’s all together. No matter what was going on, or how dumb I was being (I made some questionable choices in my younger years), we came together for Christmas. My mama created winter wonderlands where Christmas magic certainly existed. She worked tirelessly year after year baking, decorating, and listening to my Christmas wishes, and never once did she ever complain. From the pjs on Christmas eve night, to the stockings Santa filled, my Christmas’s have always been magical. Right up until this year.

We have very strict public health orders in place now to help stop/prevent the spread of covid-19. One of these being that persons that do not reside in your home, can not visit. You are only allowed to socialize with your household. I’ve spent weeks being absolutely crushed. Weeks trying to imagine what exactly Christmas is without my mama and dad. I started panicking. Who is going to add that last sprinkle of Christmas magic everywhere? Who is going to remember to leave Santa’s cookies? Who is going to hunt for the perfect pjs? I’ve come to a whole new appreciation of my parents during this covid thing, let me tell you.

It’s my turn now.

That’s what I’ve realized. It’s my turn to do all those amazing things that my mom did for me, for my children. It’s my turn to make Christmas magic. I’ve been working hard on decorating and doing Christmas crafts, and frankly, trying to just keep it all together.

I’ve spent hours bawling at the thought of not being with my family for Christmas. (Not in front of my children though.) In front of my children I have been jolly, cheery, and songful. Inside, I am hurting. Everything I knew, every tradition I had, won’t happen this year. It’s a year for change. A year for new tradition. A year of resilience.

Has your Christmas changed this year?

Love Always, Enn


4 thoughts on “A Quarantine Christmas

  1. I hope you have a lovely Christmas no matter what you do. It’s going to be very strange for all of us, especially those of us hit with restrictions.

  2. I never realized how important my traditions were until I moved across the country and couldn’t be with my family for Christmas. It is so difficult! But, I did find that we made some of our own new traditions that I absolutely love. Maybe you can add something new when you do get to be with your mama and dad next year. Just like Thanksgiving, nobody is coming to visit, and we are having a quiet Christmas with our little family… doing our own Christmas things. You are right; 2020 truly has been a year of resilience.

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