We`ve all been out on those not-so-great dates, right?

Those ones you know you wouldn`t have went out on if only you knew this, and this and this. All those deal breakers.

The dates where you have to actively TRY to make the conversation flow, but it more just awkwardly starts and stops, and leads to never ending water falls and rapids.

Or, maybe conversation flows, but every answer just makes you cringe.

Spare yourself that, and follow these tips to make sure you are on a date with the right person for you!

Let`s talk strictly online dating first. Sites like Hertfordshire Dating Site are designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for. However, online dating doesn`t work as well if you don`t know what you are wanting.

Being honest in your profile, and when/what you are looking for is key to ensuring you are out with the right person.

Assuming that you don`t know this person already, look them up in your local criminal records and make sure who you are going to meet is not a known dangerous person. You can usually do this online, and have your answers right away.

Look the person up on social media. If their accounts are not on private then you can probably tell a fair bit about them just by checking out their feed.

I`m not suggesting you judge someone completely by their feed, but it does serve as a small sneak peak to that person.

Investigate where you are going on your date. I personally don`t enjoy surprises, so I like to calm my nerves by knowing as much as I can about the environment.

Some things you can look into are:

What is the atmosphere of the place like? Is it upscale and fancy, or laid back and casual?

What kind of food is served? If you are vegan, or vegetarian, are there options for you to enjoy?

Is the location a fairly public space? When you are going to meet this new person for the first time, you are going to want to meet in a public space.

Do you know how to get there on your own? Is it in an area that you are comfortable with?

Lastly, put the thought of your ex out of your mind.

You deserve to go out, have a beautiful time, and not have your ex haunting your mind. Try to practise clearing your mind before you go. If you can`t, which is totally understandable, write it all out. Get it all out of your system, and let yourself go on the date with a fresh slate. Try to not compare.

Finding dates online is no longer a frowned upon thing. While it used to be seen as somewhat desperate, it is now widely accepted and more and more marriages are beginning from this.

If you are meeting somebody that you met through a friend/co-worker, etc, here are a few tips for you:

Does the person who set you up know you well enough TO set you up? Do they know what you are looking for in a partner/date?

Honesty is still very important in this case. You don`t want to be giving the wrong impression, and who has time to be going on dates when you both want two entirely different things in life?

We all experience life at different points in time and some people may already have children, or be divorced, both of which could be a factor for you. Knowing how you feel about various life events, and then what you are looking for IN a partner and IN life is very important.

Do you have any important tips you could add in regards to dating?

Love Always, N

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9 thoughts on “5 Easy Things To Do To Be Ready For Your Date

  1. I have never tried online dating. When I was single, I thought about it but was too afraid.

    My uncle did find success in online dating. He is now married to the woman he met on a dating site.

  2. Great points! I’d perhaps add not to go on a date with too high expectations. Sometimes people approach a first date like the first day of the journey to the engagement, but that will only scare them away. And have fun! That’s very important ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. This is some great advice, especially since I’m been looking to get back into dating (gulp!). It’s scary, but you have some great tips that really calmed my nerves. Dating in this digital age is just so intimidating. I’m jealous of anyone who’s already coupled up and doesn’t have to worry about all of this! But I know some great stories from people who have met online, so I know there has to be hope out there. I definitely think being honest (in a kind way) is the way to go. You want your date to know what you want, just so you both can get what you want out of dating/relationship. All in all, great post and you’ve reassured me a bit about the big bad world of dating ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Emily |

  4. Great post here. Dating is so hard but the most important part is being safe and being careful.

    I really don’t miss the dating scene BUT that said, done right it can be a great experience x

  5. New blog follower here! I havenโ€™t been on a date in over 10 years, so I feel like this post refresh my mind on what not to do but also inclined me on the things that I should do. My friend who is married suggested that he invite two of his single co-workers to hang out with me and my sister who are both single, sounds like a set up? so your post is certainly on time. Thanks for the tips!

    Natonya |

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