We`re 24 days into 2020, and I think it`s a good time to reflect and re-access our goals/resolutions.

If you are someone who creates goals/resolutions, are you on track with them? Are they still something that is bringing you happiness and joy, because that should be first and foremost.

I don`t create resolutions, but I do think goals is a good idea. For me, they keep me on track and on the right path to the life that I want to lead. They keep me accountable for my choices, and help me to re-evaluate my life and various stages of it.

So, this year, I made goals surrounding my relationship with my husband.

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Having 3 children, life is always so busy. One of our children is extremely high-needs and takes all of my energy and time. My house is always chaotic, and stressful. These are all things that I am trying to work on. But, what happens when they go to bed is I`m simply too tired to talk. My mind is exhausted, and my body hurts. My anxiety has been running on high for hours by the end of the night, and my body wants to go to sleep. It`s hard to balance motherhood and wife. Most days I don`t feel balanced. I feel like all I have in me is mother.

I think that goals surrounding relationships can be helpful at any point in your life. Our priorities shift at every point. Dating at 20 years old, is different than over 60s dating right?

So going into 2020 I made a few goals to help. Though my relationship is not in trouble of any sorts, I still want to be working and improving my marriage with my husband.

Relationship Goals For 2020

  • Talk more, but less about the kids. I think sometimes it`s ALL we talk about. Having three of them, it feels like they take up all of the talking time. Making intentional time to talk about our days, and how we are doing personally is something I want to work on.
  • Have a bi-weekly date night. We don`t have a baby-sitter, so our date nights would have to be in our home after the kids go to bed, but none the less, it can be done. Rule # 1 – no phones. Phones are a huge distraction for me, being a blogger I am always checking notifications and stats. Having a phone-free date night is a must.
  • Cook together more often. This is something we used to really enjoy doing together. I`d love to try new recipes and maybe experiment with different ethnic food backgrounds.
  • Have a morning cup of coffee together. Before we had 3 kids, I would always get up and we had coffee together before our days began. It was such a beautiful start to our day.
  • Slow down more on the weekends. With the weeks being so busy, weekends often become full of grocery shopping and errands, and not a lot of down-time to relax and unwind together. I`d like to slow down and start being more intentional with my weekend time.

Love is a beautiful thing. Real, true, unconditional love.

Every person deserves it.

If you are looking to enter the dating world, there are so many places to meet your special person! Coffee shops, pubs, through friends, and online dating. Depending on your age, might be exactly what you`re looking for.

A memo that says enjoy the little things.

Love can be found at any age and at any time. There are many avenues to explore and I urge you to if a relationship is what you want.

Love Always, N


4 thoughts on “Relationship Goals For 2020

  1. It is great that you have made goals to improve your relationship with your husband. There is a lot to consider and it is great that there are steps that you will be taken to make things better than ever. It is so important to be present when you’re with others. Thanks for sharing your goals!

    Nancy ♥

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