2021 was quite the year. We’re still living in a pandemic with strict restrictions. Here are my top blog posts from 2021!

5 Tips To Keep Your Sex Life Alive When You’re In Lockdown Together

This post shares doable tips to help your relationship. In this past year, we have faced several lockdowns, forcing people to be together.


This post shares my experience with using affirmations in my life.

5 Fall Shirts For Her

This post shares cute fall shirts from great small businesses.

10 Curly Hair Hacks

This is the perfect post for anyone with curly/wavy hair.

Valentines Day Gift Guide – 2021

This gift guide is loaded with beautiful small businesses. There are many great gift ideas.

Bipolar 2 Disorder – What You Need To Know

This guide includes symptoms, possible medications, and more.

Bipolar Myths and Truths

This post is debunking popular bipolar myths.

Thank you for sharing 2021 with me!!

Love Always, Enn


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