Before Valentines passes us by, I had to share one more incredible brand with you.

Sada Jewels has gorgeous pieces that would be fitting as a gift for someone else or for yourself.

At Sada Jewels, they are on a quest to create luxe and wearable jewelry where customers can purchase their desired jewels without a hint of guilt.

They`ve created a range of demi-fine delights to compliment the wardrobe of women of all ages.

Simple and sleek designs are handcrafted in sterling silver and gold-filled metal and adorned with a splatter of gemstones and pretty pearls. Fine craftsmanship and quality inputs come together to create jewelry that carries the look and durability of fine jewelry at price points that are far lower than traditional luxury.

Sada Jewels’ vision is to bring Eternal Everyday Elegance to everyone’s lives.

What does that mean exactly?

Eternal – Feeling and looking fashionable is an easy endeavor once you curate your personal collection to include the classics. At Sada, they offer an array of jewelry pieces that transcend time and trends – designs that never go out of style – wear, enjoy and treasure for a long time.

Everyday – Women desire a subtle sparkle to accentuate their everyday look. Sada`s dainty and durable jewelry adds that hint of bling just right to take you from simple to stunning.

Elegance – Simplicity is the essence of elegance. At Sada Jewels, their design approach has embraced simplicity and minimalism. Each piece radiates elegance through fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.

I really love how elegant Sada Jewels pieces are, while still having a casual flair. This casual flair allows women to enjoy wearing them anywhere and at any time.

Go stop by and see their beautiful Valentines Day stuff!

What is your favorite piece from here?

Love Always, N


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