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5 Benefits Of Being In A Relationship

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The last year has been absolutely remarkable.

Being in a lockdown drew out many different feelings, especially if you were one who faced it alone. While it can be nice to be on your own, there are a lot of benefits to being in a relationship as well. In this post I going to explore 5 benefits to being in a relationship, along with a few tips surrounding how to find a partner, where to look, and places to explore on a date! So grab a cup of coffee, or whatever you enjoy drinking, and let’s go!

5 Benefits To Being In A Relationship

First, I’d like to just mention that when I speak about being in a relationship, I am referring to a healthy relationship. One that gives you what you need and makes you feel good. A relationship built with trust, compassion and support. I am not referring to just ANY relationship.

  1. You always have someone there to help and support you. This can be very helpful with practical things like home repairs and errands, and also helpful for the emotional sides of you too. Always having someone there for you can help you to decifer emotions, feelings, and opinions. It can help to make you emotionally stronger.
  2. Being in a relationship can lead to a reduced amount of stress. No longer having to carry life alone can feel great. Having someone to share life’s struggles and worries with, means you have constant support. You may be able to function better in life this way.
  3. Being in a relationship can lead to being, and feeling happy!
  4. You no longer have to face the family events alone. Holiday dinners, birthday celebrations, backyard bbqs, you now have a partner to face it with.
  5. You always have a cheerleader rooting for you. Who doesn`t need that? Everyone could benefit from that!

So, being in a relationship definitely has many benefits. (You can read more here!) But, how do you find one?

Using a local dating site like San Diego Personals can be very helpful. A local dating site can help introduce you to someone you may not have otherwise met. It can help you to create meaningful relationships with people you may not have considered before. By filling out a profile and being clear with your wants and desires, a local dating site can match you and get you on your way to establishing and building a beautiful relationship.

If you are dating in San Diego here are some awesome date ideas to check out:

  1. Visit the San Diego zoo! It is the home to more than 3500 animals, and has a lot for you to check out. With more than 800 species, you are sure to find a lot of things to talk about and get to know each other.
  2. Watch an outdoor concert. This is such an amazing way to support local artists and musicians! Grab a lawn chair or blanket and get cozy while supporting local.
  3. Take an old town trolley tour. Take the trolley through San Diego and find little hidden gems that you’d normally miss in a car. Take lots of pictures and find the next places you both want to visit. Listen to the commentary and learn about the beautiful city.
  4. Visit The Little Lion Cafe. Located on Sunset Cliffs Blvd, this little restaurant is sure to delight! With amazing staff, beautiful food, and space to sit inside and out, The Little Lion Care is a must visit!
  5. Visit Balboa Park. Explore the many gardens and walking paths in this beautifully landscaped park. With over 1200 acres to explore, there will be plenty of time to talk and get to know each other.
  6. Go to Sunset Cliffs. With 3 miles of cliff and ocean together, there is plenty to explore. Pack a picnic and stop and take in the beauty.

There are SO many benefits to being in a relationship, along with amazing local dating sites to help you find that special person. If you are in San Diego, I recommend checking out the above site, and these amazing date ideas!

Can you name one benefit to being in a relationship that I didn’t mention?

Love Always, Enn

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If you’re in the market for something special for your partner, (or even for you,) check out this beautiful guide!

6 Comments on “5 Benefits Of Being In A Relationship

  1. Lovely post! I couldn’t agree with you more on the 5 benefits! Being single is a wonderful thing, but when you are in a healthy relationship with someone that, it’s a wonderful feeling. You have someone you can share you goals, dreams, passion with, apong with being able to do many things together.

    Thanks for sharing

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