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7 Things To Do Before The School Year Begins!

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The school year is upon us, and before it starts, I wanted to share with you 10 things you can do to ensure you’re ready!

I don’t know about you but over the summer I get a little lazy with house stuff. There isn’t a big sense of urgency, especially now when we’ve all been home for 6 months!! I’m not ashamed to admit that my kids and I have spent more days in pyjamas than daytime clothes. There wasn’t a reason to hound them to get ready for their day. So, you want to wear pjs for the third day in a row, go for it.

Laundry is something I suck at frankly.

I start it with good intentions, but then I get distracted, and when I remember about it again, I just don’t feel like doing it. Not that I ever feel like doing it, but sometimes I don’t MIND. When I look around my house, there is STUFF EVERYWHERE, and I don’t even know what it is! Every nook and cranny! So before life gets busy again, I want to dive into a good tidy and get my house ready for what will likely be, an unforgettable school year!

I’m sharing 7 ways to get your house ready for another school-year!

Catch up on all your laundry in time for school.

Mine basically spent the entire summer overflowing it’s baskets. Without a sense of routine, I completely fell off the laundry schedule. NOT GOOD. It took me a solid 3 days of going load, after load, after load and working hard to stay focused so I could put it away. Now I am just doing one load a day to stay right on top of it. You can find some amazing laundry detergent HERE and a stain remover HERE.

Wash your bedding.

When was the last time you washed your sheets? No fibbing here! Get them washed and freshened up before you’re busy with home reading and math! You can read about my FAVORITE sheets if you like over HERE. When are you going to have time again if you don’t do it now? Treat yourself to clean bedding.

Clean out your cupboards.

It’s a great time to clean out your cupboards and get your kitchen organized! Use some labels like these, and get all that miscellaneous stuff in order. It’s such a great time to purge what you don’t need as well. How many lids to containers you don’t even have do you need? Clean it up!

Wash your windows before the school year begins.

Okay this one I admit, I haven’t done. But I do feel like it would be a good idea, and maybe this year I might. Oh, who am I kidding, I probably won’t.

Tidy up your front entry-way.

You’re going to be using this area all the time right away, right? Going to school takes up a lot of space! School bags, jackets, and soon boots and snowsuits! You need this area to be clean and ready for you. (You can find my post about entry-way organization over here.) I like to use storage bins, and each child has one. Then all their stuff is neat and tucked away, out of sight, out of mind. AND, they don’t lose their things as quickly. It’s simple and easy to maintain.

Get some lunch bags.

You’re going to be packing lunches every day right? Get some re-usable lunch baggies rather than using plastic ones. Here are some re-usable cutlery packs that would be very handy for lunches. Here are some bags that would be helpful as well. They come in such fun patterns too!

Clean out your closets.

Do your kids really need 15 pairs of pants? I know mine don’t. Even for school they don’t. PURGE clothing. I find my kids somehow get SO much, and it isn’t a bad thing of course, but I like doing a good purge and giving to our local thrift shop. I’ve been practicing buying what they NEED rather than all the cute stuff I see. Once you’ve purged, then organize!

Take this time to be as ready as you can for the school year. Is there anything you always make sure to do?

Love Always, Enn

10 Comments on “7 Things To Do Before The School Year Begins!

  1. This is a cute post! What a wonderful reminder sometimes you get caught up in the rush of getting ready for school you forget to prepare your home too

  2. These are really great tips that I shouldn’t ignore lol. I have to build up a lot of motivation to clean out the cupboards and closets! It’s just such a big undertaking that I know will require a lot of time haha but I know how nice it would be to declutter and cutback on some things!

  3. This is great advice N. I have been home for 4 weeks now and have used the time for my blog. But with 2 weeks to go I am starting to panic about all the things I haven’t achieved yet.

    We are away for 2 days next week and the whole week after and I will have one day before I go back to work and the kids go back to school. No way am I feeling organised! In fact panic stations.

    I am going to use this list and add some bits that I need to get on with before we go away.

    Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are some great tips. I find having a clean and declutter really helps me feel relaxed and less anxious about the coming months. Plus if there is anything I no longer need that I could sell, it gives me an extra bit of money.

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