Struggling with Sciatica

Sciatica is a word I never heard before recent. And it’s a word that I despise now. I’ve been struggling with sciatic pain since mid-November and it’s only gotten increasingly worse. Many nights I’ve woken up in tremendous pain, unable to put weight on my left leg. (Yes, I’ve been in touch with my doctor.) It’s disrupted my life. This nerve pain. It sends pins and needles through my bones and creates such pain that I can’t help but shiver.

What is Sciatica?

Well, basically the sciatic nerve runs from the bottom of your spine (I am not a doctor so please do not quote me on this,) to your toes. So it runs down your leg and into your foot. The thought in my case is that the nerve is pinched between the L3 and L4 plates in my spine. The pain started a while ago but became incredibly irritated after receiving my booster shot.

So basically, I’ve been stuck on the couch for a week now. I’m bored. I’ve played A LOT of Minecraft. I can feel a shift in my mental health. I’m becoming sad.

The road ahead is long. The doctor said it’s going to be at least a month. I’m concerned that it’s permanent. I’m worried about my future.

For more info about Sciatica check out HERE.

just sharing what’s going on . . . connect with me below. Give me ideas of how to fill my time, please!

Love Always, Enn

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