Summer is coming to an end, and as the flowers die, and the birds fly away, I am left with nothing but contentment and joy for what is to come.

See, I love the sun, and the heat, but for only a small amount of time. Some days here are so unbearably hot that I find it quite intolerable.

Some years it feels like it is dragging on for forever, though I know it`s not.

This year it seems to be leaving quite quickly. The flowers are no longer blooming and exploding into beautiful colours, and the leaves are slowly falling off of their tree, floating to their final show.

Sometimes it`s sad I find. The transition between seasons almost feels as if natures mood is changing. Like, she is beginning to feel down, cold, dark and dreary. Winter is coming.

The cold will come and blow in, probably quite fierce like every other year, but this year, I`m not dreading it.

I think as I`ve been on my self-love journey, I`ve come to appreciate things that I would usually hate. Usually the cold and grey is difficult for me.

I struggle to get through the day without breaking down in tears… tears that I`m not even sure why they appear in the first place.

My anger becomes rage much faster in the cold and dark seasons, and it is much harder to come out of the lows. As the season goes on, the lows become longer and longer, and by the end of the season, that`s just my new life. The low.

This year I am feeling like I`m in a good space. I feel like I am in more control of my emotions and feelings, and that I have gotten very good at cutting out toxic situations and people.

I think this has come through my journey with self-love, and understanding and believing that I am worthy of happiness.

Believing that I am worthy of supportive people, and that I don`t need to be in situations or places that don`t feel good to my mental health.

Through this journey, I have learned how it`s okay to say NO to things that don`t bring me happiness, because MY happiness is important too.

So though nature is starting to stir, and she will blow her fierceness into my soul, I feel far more prepared for it.

Though she will roar, and she will howl, I know that I will be okay.

I know I will make it through.

Love Always N


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