Self-Care is not selfish.
It is important and meaningful.

We all know that self-care and mental health go hand in hand right?

But, can we just stop and realise HOW important it is? HOW much it really does do for us.

I did some research regarding this, as I myself was also very curious. Here are some things that I found..

There are 5 areas to self-care. Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and professional. Now, I don`t know about you, but when I think self-care, I do not think about all these components. Well.. until now of course.

So let`s dive into them so we can better understand what self-care is, and how we can practise it to better our mental health.

Physical Self-Care: This area covers your physical well-being. Taking care of your physical well-being helps to support good mental health. How can we take care of our physical well-being?

-eating well

-getting regular physical activity

-wearing clothes you like and feel good in

-doing your hair/make-up, things that feel good to you

Taking care of our physical well-being can often feel like a chore. It can feel very difficult to find the energy to do it. I think all you can do, is just your best each day. Each day your best will likely change, and that is okay.

Emotional Self-Care: This is about allowing yourself to feel your emotions, and really, allowing yourself to feel them without judgement. Often, personally, I find, that I feel something, and then I convince myself that it is a stupid feeling, or that I am an awful person because I felt that, etc. And then, my anxiety runs wild. Is that at all something you can relate to? So, to care for our emotional being, we can work on being comfortable with our true feelings. We can take the time to learn what those true feelings are first. We can allow our bodies, and our minds to express our feelings. We can cry, yell, scream, laugh, whatever our emotions are. We can practise expressing them, and practise not judging ourselves. As a whole, we tend to be very unkind to ourselves. We treat and talk to ourselves like we would no other person. We can practise talking to ourselves like we would another person. Treating ourselves the same way we would treat another person. Our emotional being is such an importance piece in maintaining good mental health.

Psychological Self-Care: This one is about identifying your stresses and hopefully lessening them. Pay attention to your body and your mind throughout your days and see how your mood and emotions change throughout it. Try to identify triggers to your stresses. If you can`t eliminate the stress, then focus on learning coping techniques.

Spiritual: You do not need to be religious in order to nurture your spirit. This can be done in many other ways, such as meditating, spending time in nature, donating, and volunteering. Find, and indulge in things that really speak to your soul.

Indulge in what speaks to your soul.

Professional: Try very hard to find a balance between your work life and your home life. If you are a stay at home mom, then try very hard to take a step away when possible. Make sure you have an identity that includes being more than a mom.

All in all, when we talk about self-care, we need to think about all areas of ourselves. We need to make sure that we are taking care of all of our being.

Love Always,


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