Manitoba, Canada has some record cold temperatures during it`s winter months.

There are days on end when the sun doesn`t rise until nearly 9am, and it sets at 4:30pm. The days, for a period of time, become shorter and shorter. Until a certain day, and then they become longer and longer. But by just a slight notch each day. It is a process.

On January 30, 2019, temperatures reached -50C with the windchill. AHH! December – February is known to be cold and snowy. This chart over here shows you that last winter (winter of 2019) we received 134cm of snow over the season.

Being rural it is often that our schools close. There are of course certain criteria that must be met in order for this to happen, but because of how intense and extreme our weather is, it definitely happens fairly often.

Sometimes there is such a large snowfall that roads have to close. Even highways close. Whiteouts happen. (This is when you literally can`t see anything but white.)

Our winters can be T R E A C H E R O U S. So, often it`s just easier, and comfier to stay indoors. Who wants to go outside when it`s minus eighty million? Not me.

Sometimes I HAVE to go outside. I do the school-bus walk, but basically run home because the cold bites my skin and leaves me wanting to cry.

It can be very depressing here. Days and days will go by where its extreme cold and no sun. Good-bye vitamin D.

So, as always self-care is important, but I find it maybe even more important during this time of year.

Maybe more is not the right word, because yes it always is important. I find it hard to find the energy to practise, but absolutely CRUCIAL to do.

So, how do you do it? If it`s F R E E Z I N G cold, and it`s hard to find motivation, how can we still incorporate self-care?

B E I N G M O T I V A T E D T O D O S E L F – C A R E

It can be a very difficult task to be motivated to take care of ourselves, but when we feel this is when I feel it is maybe most needed.

When we are feeling that sluggish, and hard to be motivated feeling, I think it`s our body whispering to us that it needs something and we need to be listening. Even when it takes time and energy. We are worth that time and energy.

So need some ideas and suggestions for self-care ideas during the cold?

  • Warm bubble baths – indulge and soak in warm baths. You can even try some bath soaks, bath bombs and shower steamers. Use some candles, or read. Take those minutes for the most important person : YOU!!
  • Take yourself on a hot chocolate date! Hit up your local coffee shop and try some beautiful warm and cosy hot chocolate.
  • Stay in bed under the covers. Don`t get up until you have/want to. Watch Netflix or maybe read or write.
  • Make yourself a candle-lit dinner. Literally light the candles and sit and soak in your awesomeness!
  • Yoga. Do Y O G A!
  • Journal. Start a morning journal, or maybe a gratitude journal. There are many different ways to journal. Get your thoughts out. Put them into words and watch what happens.
  • Get creative. Explore different artsy mediums. Try something new. You never know what you might enjoy if you don`t try! Take the plunge and try.
  • P J D A Y! (Doesn`t really need an explanation does it?)
I think it`s important to remember that self-care does not need to be Instagram-perfect.

Maybe sometimes Instagram distortes what it looks like for us? My bath tub certainly does not look as perfect as 99% of them on Instagram, and I don`t look as cute with a face mask on as professional Instagrammers.

However you want to live your life is totally cool. I`m not writing this to bash anyone. The opposite actually. However you do self-care, just do it.

The picture isn`t the most important part. It`s you. It`s making that choice to care for you.

Don`t let the cold take that away from you!!


10 thoughts on “5 Ways To Practise Self-Care During The Cold Months

    1. Oh me too! I just found lavender Epson salts too which are heavenly!! Thank you for reading and commenting friend!?

  1. Although our cold temperatures rarely reach the levels you must endure, we do have our cold days! This past weekend, the hubby and I were secluded in our small house while our road flooded. We were safe, just stuck at home for 3 days.
    We normally have different schedules, so enjoyed quality (and quantity) time together. I read, laughed at Gabriel Iglesias on YouTube, stayed under the electric blanket, and wrote a little. Dreary outside, but cozy inside! Thanks for the reminder to take care of yourself! Sometimes we forget about that!

    1. I’m so glad that you had that quality time together. Sometimes life has a funny way of reminding us we need to slow down and take a break. I’m glad you were able to do that with your husband!

  2. I love these ideas. I spent my first few days of January snuggled in bed reading under the duvet. I don’t remember the last time I did that! Bubble baths are one of my all time favourite ways to end the day and a perfect excuse for early pajamas.
    My new thing for hot chocolates is to experiment with different milk alternatives. My current favourite is a shot of coconut milk for an extra creamy taste!

    1. Ahh I’ve never tried coconut milk in my hot chocolate!! Will definitely be doing that! Thank you so much for reading and commenting love!

  3. Yoga! I really need to start doing yoga again! I’m in rural Montana and walking the prairie is usually my meditation, but it’s just too cold most days this time of year.

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