This was a gifted opportunity and I was/am so grateful for it. Please go visit SentimentalGems and check out the gorgeous pieces.

I am very new to crystals and their capacities, though it all does intrigue me so much. Crystals are beautiful in nature, regardless of whether you believe in their healing powers. I was fortunate to receive a beautiful necklace from Sentimental Gems and I am so excited to share it with you!

My necklace is to manifest self-love. It has 5 small raw crystals on it. The stones are Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, and Turquoise. Each one holding it`s own purpose in order to call in self-love.

Aventurine : helps to boost self-confidence, courage, and strength. It brings well-being and emotional calmness.

Rose Quartz : serves as a loving reminder for you to be kind to yourself, to move softer and to relax.

Amethyst : enhances peace, understanding and humility. It brings healing, happiness and love.

Smoky Quartz : fights off negative thinking and eliminates worry and doubt.

Turquoise : encompasses self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and to make sure moods are balanced.

Each one of these stones create a beautiful and powerful mission to promote self-love.

My relationship with self-love is relatively new, as I didn`t even realise until recently that I should have one. What do I mean by that?

I mean that, growing up we are constantly taught to think of others, be kind and caring to others, help others, etc. It`s all about others, right? But, what about us? As individuals. Loving ourselves, caring for ourselves, listening to ourselves. Those are all so important too. Arguably, more important than anything. It`s time for us to focus on us, and to have that relationship with ourselves, without society adding a selfish connotation to it.

Albert Einstein noted that everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life.

Sentimental Gems celebrates life’s chapters and inspires manifestation practices by creating jewelry and crystal kits to align with thought provoking affirmations.

Kerri Dawn is the creator of Sentimental Gems. She brings Gem Bouquets to you in hopes to bring her love for crystal and gemstone energy to others. She has always had a great fascination and connection to crystal and gem energy, some like to say it is the Indigo in her. As gifts, Kerri has been known to give Crystal and Gem gifts along with a write up of how to use them for that or those person(s). So now she would like to touch more people, by creating special Bouquet collections for your loved one(s).

Sentimental Gems and Gem Bouquets (the new flowers) are an extra thoughtful and unique gift for any special occasion.

Crystal gemstone bouquets and jewelry are inspired by the energy they carry, LOVE, and nature. Each crystal or stone is personally selected for their beauty, healing attributes, uniqueness and one of kind qualities. The crystals and stones are amazing exotic beings with great energies.

The jewelry made is handcrafted and inspired by a love for the natural world.

Forest, signifying the natural world

Everything is handpicked for their beauty and the story they tell. Kerri loves incorporating love and respect for Earth mother and the energies of the mineral and crystal realm.

Each crystal and stone is gathered, wrapped, and packaged with loving care and positive intention.

I am ever so grateful to have received this necklace. It is so beautiful. I urge you to go get your own manifestation stones as well.

Do you use crystals in your life?

Love Always, N


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  1. I love gems. Only started an interest in them about a year or so ago. I do believe in their powers and i still need to know more about them for sure.

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