Every year I feel so lucky to get to live through another September.

Today being September 1st seemed suitable to write about my love for September. To me, the first of September means it’s fall. I know its technically not yet, but something about the way the trees blow in the crisp wind tells me otherwise.

Red Wool Cozy on a coffee cup with a book in autumn leaves

I think the seasons all have a “feeling”.

It’s how I know where we are at. If it was plus 30 outside right now, I wouldn’t think of it as fall, but it isn’t. And it very rarely is in September. And, let’s just pretend it was, it will only be like that for about an hour, from 1pm-2pm and then it will cool down. Even summer temperatures in the fall are different.

Everything in fall is different.

Some trees are already exploding with gorgeous and bright colors, while others are saying farewell to their leaves as they let go and dance to the ground. How amazing is it that nature can show us how beautiful it is to let things go? Where else do you see such amazing colors? I find such peace during the season, and the feel is already there this September. When the sun, while warm, is overshadowed by the cool crisp bite blowing my hair all over, I know it’s time for sweaters and warm scarves.

My back deck right now faces trees.

(I’m moving October 1st). I love to watch them change. It serves as a reminder to me that change CAN be a good thing. Change can be beautiful. I think of fall in such a poetically beautiful way. Everything about it feels like art and writing to me. Just sitting outside and listening to the leaves rustle, the birds sing their good-byes, and the flowers drooping, leaves me feeling so inspired and ready to take on life.

September is the start of it for me.

I already have my scarves and sweaters ready to wear. And some wickedly beautiful boots! The cool wind doesn’t bother me. I feel it refreshing actually. It’s like my mind feels clearer, and my shoulders don’t feel so heavy. I find it easier to let go of things during fall. I find it easier to understand how to function in this world during fall.

I wish it could alternate between September and October all year long.

That would really be ideal for me. But every year the leaves all dance their final encore, and the sweet sparkle of snow covers everything. September is a small piece of heaven for me. One that I am so grateful to get to have.

What is your favorite month of the year? Are you someone who struggles with sleep during the change of the seasons? Check out my post Sleep Talk for some tips to help you!

Love Always, Enn


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