I don`t want to start off being a downer, but really, lately, my life has been sucking.

Things at home have been awful. We are on a million year wait list to have my son assessed for what feels like the eight millionth time. My medication is awful, and now I have a new one. Again.

And, I hurt my foot and am not sure if I can go for my belt test. That is just SOME of what has been going on.

So, imagine my joy when I opened my mailbox to find a beautiful care package from Sincerely Boxes.

My first impression was just such delight and excitement to find out what was inside! (I`m like a child with presents! I just want to rip them open and see what`s inside!) When I opened it I found this:

I felt SO special!

I love the care and time that went into the envelope! And, it`s just an ENVELOPE. That told me that this was a shop that cared. On a personal level.

I opened the tissue and my smile must have been from ear to ear.

Everything inside of it was just so happy. It was like a cheer up box, or a you are incredible box. Everything inside it, just gave me warm and fuzzy feelings inside me.

I don`t want to tell you what was inside, just in case you order yourself one, but,

I can tell you it was an incredible pick-me-up gift, and one that SO MANY people would enjoy.

Parts of it made me laugh, parts of it made me smile, and parts of it just made me feel important and loved.

Sincerely Boxes came to be the founder’s husband came down with the flu during a work trip, she was at a loss for how to help. She looked online for gift boxes that could provide him with comfort and healing benefits, but the options for get-well packages were impersonal and lacked quality.

Empathetic by nature, and known for her gift-giving abilities, she knew there needed to be a better solution out there: So she created one.

Sincerely Boxes curates gift packages that will positively delight the people you love. Each gift box has been crafted to inspire, soothe, and connect. Whether your sister is ill, your co-worker is feeling blue, or you want to let a friend know how much you care, we offer boxes for a variety of needs or occasions that are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

We invite you to explore our website to find the perfect gift that will connect you to those you love; minimizing the emotional distance felt by geographical limitations.

I was/am so excited to receive this gift, and I will be sending one of these boxes over to my mama too! I am so happy to have found this incredible shop!!

Do you like self-care boxes?

Love Always, N

P.S. Did you read my last post over here?


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