Today I took my littles to the park, and was confronted with an issue.

It seems as if some parents are not enforcing social distancing measures with their children. WHY OH WHY! I repeatedly reminded mine, and they were trying so hard. They were getting so upset, and I really don’t blame them, but there wasn’t anything I could do. Never has going to the park felt so stressful before.

Maybe some children don’t know, or understand the significance of social distancing.

But, if that is the case then I think the guardian should be nearby to ensure that 6 feet distance is being respected. Sadly, these other children were just being children and wanting to play with mine, but were getting too close.

This is how our world is now, and we need to educate our children about it.

We need to ensure our children know how important that 2 metres are. They need to be comfortable in saying “social distancing please”.

We had to leave the park, which I was reminded many times about how unfair that was, and guess what? I agree. But agreeing really doesn’t mean anything. Of course it’s unfair. But, am I going to just ignore that they keep being too close to mine, no matter how many times mine ask to social distance? No. I’m not.

It got me thinking on our walk home, how odd this must be for children.

Children used to be able to hug each other, play tag, and hug their teachers. Things that I definitely took for granted. I never knew it was possible for it to all stop. I never thought I’d live in a world like present. I don’t mean this meanly. The children were just being children. Sadly the world does not allow for that anymore. At least not right now anyways. Our children have to grow up fast and be very responsible. It’s very sad and unfair.

Have you taught your children about social distancing? Do you go to playgrounds? How are you handling it all with your children?

Love Always, Enn


9 thoughts on “Social Distancing With Children

  1. That’s such a good point! As much as you try to explain it to children and get them to understand, you can only expect so much out of them, especially the really little ones. Leading by example and consistent messages to them is key!

  2. It’s certainly an aspect of social-distancing that must add an extra layer of difficulty during this time but I love how you’ve included tackling the subject with children here. I don’t have any myself, and my husband and I socially isolate because he is immunocompromised so we don’t tend to encounter many people at the moment!

  3. I dont have kids, but I imagine it’s tough to try to keep them away from other kids, especially in communal areas like playgrounds. I walked around the mall the other day and even noticed teens not wearing their masks. Every age group seems to have non mask wearers in the mix, and that makes it dangerous for all of us.

  4. It is sad to think and realize that many of our kids are struggling as much as we are with staying apart and still trying to stay connected with friends and family at the same time! I cannot imagine what life will be like when schools re-open; children have a need to be free.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this!

  5. It is so hard to expect children to really ‘get’ it, even if they have had it explained at length. Especially younger children. I am sure that teachers in younger grades especially will have their hands full trying to police social distancing in their classrooms. Honestly, it sounds exhausting! My hat goes off to each of them – I know that they truly love the kids in their care and will do their best, but I can’t imagine being in their shoes.

  6. My kids have really got it but I’m not sure what they’ll be like when they go to school and see their pals again.

    It’s very hard for them to fully get it though x

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