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From the time I was a little girl I have always loved rings. My Grandma wore so many every single day until the day she died. They were always bold and huge. (She was a very eccentric woman.) Growing up I loved bold jewelry too. I loved anything that made me just a little more like her.

My Grandma passed away when I was 16 years old, and so passed away my love for big and bold jewelry. Now, I really appreciate dainty, small, and delicate. My personality has changed, and for me to be wearing jewelry it needs to not draw too much attention from my toddler.

With Valentines Day approaching (check out this Valentines Day gift post over here) I thought it might be a good time to share an engagement ring!

It`s expected around six million people get engaged on Valentines Day!

Enter: SomethingBlueRings

Something Blue was created with the goal of making timeless engagement rings that won’t break the bank or harm the planet. We use only recycled gold and opt for stones that are more economical than diamonds. 

From Moissanite to moonstone, we make dainty rings in the effortlessly classy designs you crave, while at the same time, providing the heirloom quality that discerning couples have come to expect.  Something Blue offers a wide range of ring selection and custom pieces for all occasions.

I really love and appreciate the simplicity of these rings.

Follow somethingbluerings on Instagram @somethingblue.rings and check out her Etsy shop over at Somethingblue.rings.

Do you prefer bold and big jewelry or small and dainty like above?

Love Always, N


16 thoughts on “Something Blue Rings

  1. Absolutely gorgeous rings (I just checked out her instagram). I love small and dainty jewelry, and her stuff looks right up my alley. Really glad I found this post, thanks!

  2. I love dainty rings. And I’m sorry about your loss- I can relate to changing when someone close passes. But those rings look beautiful too!

  3. Very nice ring. I love wearing both delicate ones and bold ones, depending on the situation, but these are a beautiful gift.

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