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Spring Accessories You Need To Have

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Though where I live is still under much snow, I am liking to believe that the warm weather is on the way.

I believe the first day of spring was officially, March 19th, but Mother Nature always loves surprising us. Several weeks ago it seemed as if winter was going to leave quietly and softly, and then out of nowhere the crisp and harshness of winter came back to bite us once more. Needless to say we are still under snow and it is still roughly -10 celcius every day.

Usually I enjoy winter. However, this year I did not. It was the roughest one I`ve ever had.

My mental health took a massive hit and I found myself in the hospital twice. (You can read more about that over here.) In Manitoba, cold is extremely cold. We get only a handful of days throughout the long months of winter where it is actually pleasant outside. Usually it`s so cold it feels like your face will freeze off.

I usually throw myself into activities, new hobbies, and stay busy.

However for some reason that just didn`t work this year. My depression was so bad, and the cold only made my body ache to such extents I didn`t think possible. I tried to embrace it. I took the kids skating, toboghaning, and for long walks as the snow danced around us.

This year though, nothing helped.

Days dragged on, one after another, and no matter how hard I`d try to have a more positive day, I simply couldn`t.

So with it being March 20, I have to believe that the warmth must be coming soon, and one of my favorite things about the change of seasons is to take out my spring and summer clothes and pack up my winter ones!

There are, of course, some items that I keep out all year, but big chunky wool sweaters are not necessary when our summers are usually plus 30 celsius every single day.

One of my goals for the season has been to become more intentional and mindful with my outfits.

I love cute and trendy outfits with the beautiful accessories, but I never put the time in to create that for myself. This is a goal of mine for the season.

So today I`m sharing with you some of my favorite spring accessories that I`ve found and love!!

First, you must stop by AdornedbyRuth!

“Adorned by Ruth is accessible, everyday luxury featuring top-quality materials including freshwater pearls, gold-fill, sterling silver, and semi-precious gemstones. Designs are minimal, modern pieces you can enjoy every day.”

From RoseGoldMoonGifts, I love this beautiful moon pendant!

I love the accessories at BareNaturalDesigns! First they’re beautiful, second purchasing helps plant trees!! Y A Y!!

Some more amazing spring accessories you need to check out are:

Scrunchies from ScrunchCOyeg!

A beautiful pashmina scarf from shipandgift.

A new bag from tippythai.

I love the spring vibes from these boots at suelovesjunk.

What are some of your favorite spring trends this year?

Love Always, N



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