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Spring Dresses I’m Loving

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Spring has sprung, and today I’m talking about dresses!

I used to not like dresses, mainly because I didn’t like my legs, but last year I was able to wear a few that I really liked and felt comfortable in. So this year I am planning on expanding even more. I love prints! I also prefer maxi dresses. I love how loungey and comfy they look and feel.

Here are my favorites that I’m looking to add to my wardrobe!

A bohemian mini dress seems like a wonderful outfit for something that requires a bit of flair. I love the deep v and the boho feel of this one. It looks like something very comfortable to wear on a beach after a long day of swimming, or maybe out on a date. For a price of $88.41 this would be a dress I would definitely wear multiple times making it well worth the money.

This maxi dress screams comfort to me! I really love the teal color as well! This one is $105.65. I believe this might be a bit out of my budget, however I also feel that I have a few events that I could wear this too rather than buying several different dresses. This one I could accessorize in different ways.

I love the cut of this one at the bottom of the maxi dress. I also love the deep v plunge at the back of the dress. I’m really loving the blue tones! For a price of $96.72 this one is one of my favorites.

This beach maxi dress is at the top of my list! I love the pattern! I love the slit on the side. This dress looks so light and comfy. You can pick up this one for only $37.44 !! Excellent deal!

The colors of these are incredible! I love the softness. These dresses could definitely be casual and comfy or dressed up for something a bit more formal. For a price of $87.59 these are beautiful!

This color makes me so excited for summer! I love the rusty orange look. I really like the belt around the waist, making it slightly more fitted. It’s only $159.00 and can be found over here.

This time in the world is such an uncertain one.

Take time to care for your soul. Sometimes putting on a pretty dress can do wonders.

Sending love.


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