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PartyLittle is a beautiful little shop created by Sharon. Sharon is a mom of 2 boys – avid hockey players. They are 14 and 11. She has been dabbling in graphic art for years – it’s something she always loved doing. Sharon has been creating invitations, banners and party decor for her boys for as long as she can remember, as well as the activity books and sheets she has posted in her store. Her friends have always told Sharon she should be selling her stuff, so that’s what she started doing. Sharon has added t-shirts along the way. Her favorite item has always been her photo collage. It’s such a great keepsake. She has made one for every birthday her boys have had. Each one shows photos from the previous year, and it’s so nice to be able to look back and see how much they’ve changed!

SummerStreams This beautiful 4 piece bunny set will add so much charm to your home this Easter and throughout the spring season. Each piece is cut and sanded from 1 1/2 inch thick solid pine to make them very sturdy for sitting. An application of stain has been applied to each bunny to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. The bunnies were then decorated with a natural colored wired ribbon and spring flowers to bring out the season! Using a special technique a piece of decorative Easter paper was applied to the front of the egg to add extra special charm to this set. Looks great in any room! Follow on IG – SummerStreams

SilkBlossomWreaths This bright faux floral Classic Easter tulip wreath is made of all the Easter colours with a hint of white. This wreath is an elegant and fun way to decorate for Easter. This will add beauty to your home décor be it on the mantel, window or door. Such an elegant addition to your home and also makes a great gift. Follow on IG – SilkBlossomWreaths

KozyHomeDecor Cute Scrunchie Holder from Kozy Home Décor is the perfect scrunchie organizer for girls, tweens, and teens. This delightful bunny character helps calm and delight while providing an excellent way to keep all your scrunchies organized and ready for use. Two ears give you twice as much storage space. Never again have to rummage through a drawer of scrunchies and other supplies searching for the one you want. FB – KozyHomeDecor, IG – KozyHomeDecor, Pinterest -KozyHomeDecor,

UnsaltedButter offers a piece of Laura’s heart to you. It’s a place that savors the deliciousness of simple moments with seasonal, savory eats and freshly baked exceptional sweets and treats. They bake and ship all treats to order using USPS Priority Mail. UnsaltedButter ships Monday thru Saturday.

IG – UnsaltedButter FB – UnsaltedButter

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Easter Gnomes are a fun way to decorate! Have them peeking out in your book shelf, or out on a table and embrace the season.

Easter Gnomes with LED Light Spring gift Decoration Bunny image 0

Hello Spring sign is a great way to spruce up any walls!

Hello Spring Round Sign 3D Hello Spring Sign Round Wood image 2

Are you ready for Easter? What does Easter look like for you?

What is your favorite item from here?

Love Always, Enn

“I was pregnant. At a complete loss for words, I go back to my room with the pregnancy test, and sit down. I’m sure my facial expression was enough to know my world had literally just fallen apart. I remember, I sat down on the bed, and he asked what was wrong. I replied with “Well, we have a problem. I’m pregnant.” He backed up, (on the bed) and was like “whoa, I don’t want children.” I was so overwhelmed, I just wanted to go to bed. So he slept over that night, and left 5am the next morning. We didn’t talk about “the elephant” in the room. He left by giving me a hug and saying good-bye. I sat with that information all by myself. I was pregnant. Oh my gosh, I can’t even find the words to tell you how crazy that was for me.” – – – Continue Reading

“On the outside my hair looks scruffy with wild curls, but on the inside, I’m broken and not able to take care of myself. And even if you flip it, and imagine this task during hypomania, the difficulty comes with trying to concentrate and focus on the actual task. My bipolar disorder takes away my ability to take care of myself. It also takes away my ability to do things like volunteer and work. I always thought I’d volunteer in my children’s classrooms, but sadly I can’t. From the dark grey depression I carry, to the distractibility and lack of focus, these are tasks I can’t do no matter how hard I try.” — Continue Reading


36 thoughts on “Spring & Easter Gift Guide 2021

  1. I love all the Easter colours and the hope that it implies. We all need more hope in times like these. The wreath is my favourite. Thanks for the inspiration,

  2. Any baked yummy goodness and I’m there! I also love a wreath- I’d have one for every occasion. This is so vibrant, fun, and wonderful ? Lots of love Amy at xx

  3. I hadn’t really given Easter much thought this year to be honest, I never really know when it is as it changes each year ha ha ha. I’m liking the four piece bunny set

  4. Ahhh, I can’t believe Easter is almost here. I’m not a big Easter person, but I always went to the park and participated in those plastic egg finds. Though, I don’t think that’s happening this year. Unsalted Butter sounds like they sell yummy treats, I’ll certainly check them out. Thanks for sharing Enn!

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