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Spring Scents You Need To Smell

AD- This is a sponsored post made possible by the brands mentioned. Some links are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my link I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Supporting small biz and a small blogger!

I keep saying Spring is on the way, but it is currently -8 celcius, so I’m really not sure anymore!

In Manitoba we often still get snow all the way up until May. So while we still have snowbanks and snowhills, the calendar says it is Spring, so let’s chat Spring.

I’ve shared in previous posts of some of my favorite Spring accessories and my goal to be more intentional with my outfits. (Read – Spring Accessories) So today I’m sharing my favorite spring scents that you should check out!

Spring can be a wonderful mood booster.

They can trigger happy memories and leave you in a very happy state of mind. It is the same part of the brain that stores memories that also processes smell. If you smell something that is stored with memory, that memory will be triggered.

Scents to explore:

Lavender – This scent is often used for relaxation. It can help calm the body and mind very quickly. Check out this beautiful Lavender candle for only $9.99!

Lemon – This scent is great for the promotion of concentration. It is helpful when you’re feeling angry, run-down, stressed or anxious. Lemon is also wonderful in helping to fight sore throats, colds, and other health battles. This beautiful Lemon Ice Tea candle can be purchased for only $10.00!

Jasmine – This scent can be used to calm down nerves. It can often produce feelings of confidence and energy. This beautiful hand poured candle is Jasmine and Lavender and can be bought for $10.00.

Cinnamon – My favorite! This is one of the most cosiest scents out there. Cinnamon also helps fight mental fatigue and improve concentration and focus. This cinnamon candle can be bought for $18.81.

Peppermint – I’m not sure why, but this scent always makes me think of Christmas! It is a fantastic energy booster and also promotes clear thinking!

Lavender Lounge Shop has incredible candles!

Some of the scents you can find at this shop are peppermint mocha, honey cinnamon, and pumpkin chai. Visit and pick one up over here!

Better For You Bars has AMAZING soaps!!

At BeeSimple2 you will find beautiful lotion bars and lip balms. Beautiful, all natural products that are a must see!

Moon‘s Creations LLC another incredible shop with beautiful scents!

Earth Tone Herbals has fantastic scented sprays and body care products.

Custom scents made upon request. Made to order for freshness and optimum quality.

Sunny Yellow Candles SZ has invigorating scents available as well.

Some scents include lime basil mandarin, peony, and pumpkin.

The use of scents can be a powerful way to change a mood, strike a feeling, or invoke a memory.

While we go through such a strange time in life, and in the world, I encourage you to explore the power of scents. Play with different variations, and explore ones you’d never think you’d try.

What is your favorite scent?

Love Always, N



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