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As the days get longer, and the sun is feeling a teensy bit warmer, it`s hard not to think of spring looming!

Winter is incredibly long in Manitoba, Canada, and we have been under snow since the end of October. So, when the birds start chirping, and blades of grass start peeking through, I think everyone gets excited.

We will have puddles, that might even convince you they are rivers, and never going away, but the buds on the trees will ease your mind, and you know, spring is coming. Being a mom to young children for so long, I`ve come to love puddle season. The joy a toddler gets from jumping in a puddle, is simply the best.

Sometimes, our spring is still quite chilly, and at times even brings more snow, but by that point, we know it`s just winter making sure we don`t forget about it, and ending it`s show with a bang.

We will even go through a few weeks where it will feel as if Mother Nature has changed her mind, and is sending us back into frigid temperatures. But, then, one day we wake, and the puddles will have vanished, the snow nearly gone, and even the birds appear to be welcome the warmth.

I can appreciate how indecisive Mother Nature can be, and understand how it can be hard to let the beauty of the crisp, cold, blanket of white melt away into puddles.

Everything changes upon springs arrival, and it`s a change that is so enlightening and wonderful. Rather than the soft greys, whites, and blacks that are everywhere, it becomes soft, pastel-like colours, almost as if a reminder, that life is coming. The grass will grow. The flowers will bud. The birds will return, and sing beautiful songs again.

I love spring, and find it to be an incredibly poetic season.

I find it inspiring to think that everything that died off when the cold bit it, can grow again. Spring decor is fun too! The colors and styles often change, and everything feels just a little bit warmer.

Wondering how to get your house spring-ready?

I’m covering that!!

The first thing I always like to do when the seasons begin changing is to do a good clean and de-clutter. Put away all that winter stuff and bring out the spring jackets and coats. (This is one of my favorite things to do, because INSTANTLY my front closet looks so much neater!) I clean up all the winter toys from outside, and put away those last few Christmas decorations that I forgot about when I was cleaning up the tree.

Then, I buy myself flowers!

I love fresh flowers. They add a beautiful touch of color and softness to any room. I also love all flower decor too!

Flowers are the symbol of spring. The glass flower is eternal.   The transparency of the glass attracts the reflections of light on the glass, giving the impression that the sun makes the colors of the glass more vivid, more colorful. – Jocelyne

Adding some spring into your kitchen can be fun!

1. Replacing your regular plain tea towels with new colorful tea towels in the kitchen to brighten up the area and show you are ready for Spring 🙂

2. I love a good Spring throw pillow to add some color to the living room. 1 or 2 pillows is perfect especially if you prefer a simple decor style as it adds just enough change without disrupting the decor style you have going on in that space.

 3. Hints of pastel throughout to break up the winter decor you’ve had out for the past few months. I love the muted pastel colors as it almost gives a “vintage” spring decor vibe.  – Heather (Shop Owner) (You can find these incredible kitchen towels over here!)

1. Spring is on the way! Make sure all windows are free from the winter fog – Let the sunshine in.

2. Embrace bright colors this spring, using unique floral designs to bring color to a neutral space. Be bold!

3. Plant a bulb garden of tulips, daffodils and lilies in your front walkway to welcome your guests.Mary Jo Caldwell

I love all of the soft colors of spring…pinks, purples, yellows, greens.  To me it signifies new life.  It’s a great time to bring flowers into your décor, new throw pillows and accents that add a pop of color to celebrate the season. – Dawn (You can check out these incredibly beautiful pieces over here, and here!) And follow Dawn on Facebook here!

I encourage you, embrace Spring. Embrace the color! It can be such a mood lifter!

What are some of your favorite ways to welcome Spring?

Love Always, N


41 thoughts on “Spring In Your Home

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    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying this info.

  2. Spring is just the best. It is like the most amazing starter before an incredible main meal. Spring sets you up for summer.
    Blossoms, buds and flowers poking through the ground really make me happy.

  3. We never had any snow in London this year but it’s currently freezing cold so who knows. Now it’s March I’m also looking forward to spring. I always think of St Patrick’s day as the turning point. ?☘️

  4. I love the part about Winter making sure we don’t forget about it – SO true haha!! I also love those flowers you have shown, they are absolutely lovely xx

  5. It is great that there are lots of different options when it comes to home decor, especially with the seasons! I am a big fan of spring for the floral arrangements. I love the coasters – super cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  6. I’ve been working forward to spring so much this year! I love these ideas, they’ll definitely help cheer me up while I wait for the snow to be gone! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I also love spring. It’s such a relief after a long cold winter to see the snow melting and the first signs fo life returning. Those Canadian winters sure are something special. I’m always happy when they come to an end. These are great ways to get your house ready for spring. I agree that the entryway looks so much better once those big bulky winter coats are put away for the season.

  8. Ah! I don’t think i’ve registered that you were a canadian too before now ! (Im from New Brunswick). This past week has been so pretty.., and BANG we got 30cms of snow ?

    I’m so excited for daffodils season, they are my faves ? my little spring joy is basically to turn off my heater, and be able to switch my room to have a furniture in front of it … ahah. Instead of cleaning this year, I also went ahead and bought two new furnitures! (Something I never do.. i usually just dump them, ahah)

    1. Yay a fellow Canadian! Wow that is a lot of snow!!!! Silly mother nature! I love daffodils too! I hope you have. Beautiful spring season!

  9. I love your tips to add flowers add pastels. That will definitely brighten things up and bring Spring inside. I’m excited to try it out.

  10. This post is so beautifully crafted and just made me so incredibly excited for the warmer weather…which is hard to do for me since I’m allergic to all of it ?

  11. I love the intro, so beautifully written! I’ve been battling depression for a while, so brightening up the home for spring is something I want to do.

    1. Me too! Such a great way to brighten things! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I hope you have a bright and warm spring?

  12. I am so ready for spring. I am a stay at home mom of two toddlers and when it’s too cold we are cooped up in the house. These are great tips i’m going to use to freshen up the inside when the outside is still too cold to play.

  13. When I was younger, I never used to understand everyone’s infatuation with Spring, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love and appreciate the season much more. The longer days and the sunlight really make such a difference in my life, but like you mentioned here – I have such a love and appreciation for the cold, crisp snow too!!

    Buying flowers is a great way to prep for Spring – I hope I’ll buy more this year, because the greenery makes a big difference in my life, too!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!!! Ive definitely come to appreciate all the seasons as I’ve gotten older too. Sending you warm and flowery vibes!!

  14. Ha that I look forward to in the spring. I really like winter and snow, but I’m happy when spring arrives, with its flowers, the birth of the leaves in the tree, the warming sun !! I welcome spring by thinking about my garden, by sowing my tomatoes a few weeks in advance. In the spring, I like to have something new, inside and outside. Thank you for this great article!!

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