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Stickers are the best, am I right?

You can put them anywhere. Labtops, waterbottles, notebooks, the possibilities are endless! And the selection out there is incredible! There are stickers for everything!

So here are 4 that are sure to add a positive and happy flair to your life!

From DairymaidLetteringCo you can get this beautiful vinyl sticker. “Life is beautiful” is a wonderful reminder to have right now. This sticker can be placed on any hard surface. I really love the script writing and flower accents. It is only $3.75 Canadian and can be found HERE.

SpruceandSky creates a beautiful calming blue sticker that says “You got this” and frankly, I think we all need this reminder! Water resistant, scratch resistant, and fade resistant, this will definitely remind you of your strength for a long time! You can find it HERE for $3.00 Canadian.

GraphicTurtleSticker has this wonderful, bright, and sunny sticker! “Be the sunshine” is a wonderful, cheer up reminder! This sticker is glossy, and made from premium, high quality vinyl. It can be found HERE for $2.08 Canadian.

At OneBraveLeap you will find this sticker that says “keep going”. I love the color effect in this one. It can be found HERE for only $2.88 Canadian.

This is a hard time for every one. If you can, treat yourself and support a small biz!

Sending so much love, N

P.S. Did you read my post about Self-Care? Find it HERE.


26 thoughts on “4 Stickers That Will Make Her Smile

  1. These are so cute and such good prices! I love them and I definitely love the idea of supporting small businesses, especially at a hard time like this x

  2. Stickers can really brighten up laptops, notebooks, journals, planners and so much more! I love finding new ones to add to my collection! Thanks for sharing these motivational stickers, and I love that you are supporting small businesses too! Fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. I just love stickers! I got quite a few at home but always looking for new ones. And I definitely could use some motivational stickers now. Thanks for this post. They definitely made me smile.

  4. You are 1000% right!! I loce stickers, always have. My friends mail me stickers they find all the time and they always make me smile!

  5. Stickers are such a fun little way to add a unique and personal spin to your water bottles, laptops, notebooks and more. I know that I couldn’t look at the stickers you recommended and not smile! I need to do a little something with my laptop I think to add a little flare… Hmm, now you’ve got me thinking!

  6. This is really cool! Stickers are a great sense of appreciation and bring joy at a time when we need it the most.

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