Just a quick reminder here – I am not a mental health expert in any way, shape or form. I use my blog to share my experiences. In this post, the storm I am referring to is my son’s violent and aggressive behaviours. They are very difficult to live with and I am simply using this space to reflect upon this journey.

How can a storm be in my home? Are you wondering that? A storm of fury, rage, and anger. What does that storm look like? When was the last time you thought of children’s mental health?

And how does it affect someone? How can you live when your constantly ducking for cover?

That the rain has been pouring down, and the lightning sucking all the power out of me, leaving me completely lifeless, and wondering how to continue on. Leaving me wondering if there is a way to continue on.

In the last few days, the storm has cleared, and the rainbow is shining. The colors are bold, bright, and quite funny might I say. 

The storm is my son. (Take a minute and check out this post here and you’ll understand more of our journey.)

My son is doing rather well the last few days, and is laughing, smiling, and having fun. He has spent a lot of time outdoors, and with his family, and he is in very good spirits.

I hung on, during the storm, and held on so tight, hoping, and praying, that the rainbow would shine soon, and here it is. 

I am not sure as to what causes the switch, or what triggers the storm. I wish so much that I could figure it out, so that I could combat the storm somehow.

The rainbow is incredible and so bright. I look at it, and it takes my breath away. The colors are bold, and smooth and without any gaps, and the rainbow itself is never ending.

Laughter fills my house, and helpfulness, and manners. Things I don’t hear during storms. Kindness, and hugs, and his softness is here now.

I never know how long the rainbow will last, and I never know how bright it will be, or if the storm is lingering somewhere near.

I have learned no tricks still, which sometimes makes me feel as if I am failing him, but maybe I can’t learn tricks to him? Maybe he dosn’t even know?

It must be hard to be a child, and have so many feelings and opinions, and maybe not always know how to say them. To have so many thoughts in your mind?

I know he is a very anxious child, and very high energy. So when the storm rages, its incredible, and when the rainbow shines, it is nothing short of amazing.

I am so incredibly thankful that right now, the rainbow is here.

It is nice to be able to breath, and enjoy him, and my other two.

But, the worry never really stops, because I don’t know when the switch will flick.

I just take all the rainbows I can get.

And, I don’t mean that in a greedy, unkind way. I mean that the rainbows only come, when I know he is okay. I like to soak it all in. 

Children’s mental health is important too. He lives with this storm lurking each and everyday, but no doctor can tell us why. Or, even how to help. We’ve learned to just have strong umbrellas while he rains down, and be there to welcome him back when he’s ready to shine. 

Maybe we forget how hard it can be being a child. Or, maybe the world just goes at such a fast pace that we simply don’t have time. I can’t imagine how it must feel to feel so much, but not understand any of it. 

Children’s mental health needs to be something that is talked about more.

I don’t remember ever talking about it when I was a child, but back then no one talked about mental health. I do my best with my children to educate them, and teach them how to care for their mental health. 

My hope for him as he grows is he learns more about himself. That he learns what his triggers are, and is able to find tools to help him. But, for now, I hold my umbrella tightly, and await for that bright beautiful rainbow to shine. 

What are your thoughts on how the world/society treats and talks about children’s mental health?

Love Always, Enn 

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Here are a few resourceful websites surrounding children’s mental health if you’d like to learn more.

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16 thoughts on “The Storm Of Children’s Mental Health

    1. what a beautiful comment. Thank you. i am learning to do this. To enjoy the sunshine when it happens. I do find that I often anticipate storms, therefore I miss the sunshine just in anxiety attacks. Thank you for this lovely reminder. xox

  1. This is such a wonderful read. It's beautifully written and made me smile as I read it. I'm happy that you are feeling happier again and that the storm has passed. I'm glad your son is doing well too and that you are feeling happier and positive. ��

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