AD: The desire to have power and control, or to surrender power and control can be very pleasing and arousing. I`m going to explore both the ideas of submissive and dominant relations in regards to mental health.

Power and control.

There are two ways we can look at power.

Power-To is a term that refers to having the ability to change the circumstances of his or her life by creating and exercising options.

Power-Over is a term that refers to the ability to limit the options of others.

For some, power is a scary and intimidating concept. The responsibility and care that goes into having, and maintaining power can be daunting and stressful, leading mental health in a potentially downward spiral.

For others, power, and control can build them up and strengthen their overall sense of self-worth.

Enter – DOMINANT roles in adult dating and sexual relations. Exercising power and control over someone can be sexually arousing for type of person.

Ways a dominant may exert their power are tying up their submissive, giving rules to their serious mistresses or submissive that they are expected to obey (discipline), and even causing emotional or physical pain.

Some people enjoy letting go of control and surrender to a dom (dominant) . People have reported feeling a sense of freedom in their experiences being a submissive.

You probably already know that sex releases those feel-good hormones and chemicals. The combination of these can help reduce the symptoms of mental health struggles.

It can also lower your blood pressure, burn calories, strengthen muscles, and reduce your risk of heart disease and even more!

Sex also enables your body to release oxytocin and endorphins during an orgasm, which combined together, can have a sedation effect, which means, better sleep!

Sex can also leave you with feelings of stronger trust and intimacy, and even improve your ability to perceive, identify and express emotions.

Of course sex looks different for everyone and Subs and Doms are just one avenue to explore.

The important thing is that you are with someone that you trust and feel safe with. Use safe words, and enjoy the process of exploration if this is a new adventure for you. Be open and honest with your communication with each other.

Sex is definitely not going to cure anyone of their mental health struggles or illness, but it may leave you feeling just a little bit better than before. Losing control may help you to let go of stresses, or maybe being IN control will help you feel that power that you crave. Either way, or if it is not your cup of tea, (totally fine and understandable!), sex is good and healthy for you and has a ton of health benefits!

There have been some studies that suggest those who have this type of lifestyle actually have better mental health in certain areas than the norm.

It is suggested that there are multiple health benefits that go further than just the benefits of simply sex. Feelings of trust, positive self-worth, and decreased feelings of anxiety are just a few.

However you enjoy sex, make sure you are safe and honest. Don`t do something if it doesn`t feel right to you.

Love Always, N

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