Today I’m sharing 15 summer accessories you need this year! Something a bit lighter in contrast to my last post. (3 Bipolar Disorder Facts That Might Surprise You!) ThoughtswithN blog is an affiliate of Amazon. Should you make a purchase through my website I might earn a slight commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support of my blog!


Summer is coming and there are a few things you need to help make your summer terrific! These summer accessories will help keep you cool, fashionable, comfortable, and content. These are the things that are important. I covered a little bit of everything below. You’ll be surprised to find the 15 summer accessories you need this year.

Before we dive into my recommended summer accessories I thought I should share a bit of an update? I feel like we haven’t chatted in a little while! Life is busy. No, Natasha, that’s an excuse. I’ve been busy guys, and I haven’t made the time. For that, I am sorry, but here’s a bit of a life update about the creator of ThoughtswithN.

An Update

So I recently just reached a huge milestone and I didn’t share it. I’ve been freelance writing for one year now. 52 consecutive weeks, I’ve been writing. This makes me feel pretty proud because I usually give up on things. My blog recently turned 4, and I feel really excited about the future. I’m hoping to grow it more, establish a local audience and create an impact. I want to spread support, kindness, motivation, and encouragement. If you know someone who might enjoy my blog, I’d love it if you shared it!

I’m anticipating the summer holidays now. Here in Manitoba, Canada, the school year ends at the end of June and begins near the beginning of September. I’m going to be home with all three kids, and one of them is quite challenging. Slowly, I’m growing anxious about it. I’m nervous about being able to do everything. If you’re a mom who works from home I’d love to hear how you balance it. Any tricks you have?

My littles will be going to kindergarten soon. I’m feeling nervous to send him. He is super ready though. I’m excited about the adventures it will bring but I fear I haven’t prepared him well enough. I also fear like, I’m getting older. My last child is going off to school. Where has the time gone? Does anyone else ever feel anxious about how quickly time flies?

This weekend is our town fair, so stay tuned for my new series – Small Town Saturdays, where I’m going to share my awesome town with you guys!

My goals for this summer are pretty simple. Enjoy it. Be present. Be in the moment. Do things that make me happy.

15 Summer Accessories

Women's kimono  Polarized sunglasses  Puma Cap Small purse

Womens sunglasses  Elf Halo Setting Dust  NYX setting sprayNeutrogena Sunscreen

Elf Highlighter Powder - summer accessories you need this year   Colorful scrunchies Megababe Body Dust - summer accessories you need this yearStraw hat

Every Summer After Novel    Portable Small Air Conditioner  Garnier SkinActive Facial Wipes

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4 thoughts on “15 Summer Accessories You Need This Year

  1. Congrats on your blog + showing up consistently! It’s a dedicated job, God bless you doing it with 3 kiddos (thinking of you this summer girl). I’ve been wanting to try the body dust! This list convinced me too! Thanks

  2. I love the cap and champagne hue sunglasses you showed. And that’s such a long summer break wow, June to Sept. Enjoy that time. And also, congrats on your kids starting with school soon. Liked reading
    Isa A. Blogger

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