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I love me a good candle. One that I light and then it takes me to a new place. Maybe the Hawaiin beach, or the pumpkin patch. Scent can trigger memories and I find it to be such a comforting thing. In the summer I really love scents like coconut, vanilla, and anything beachy. I stay away from the spicy scents during this season as well.

My favorite summer candles of 2021.

My favorite candles definitely change every year, and I LOVE trying new ones!

Summer Berry Waffles

The sound of this candle is DELICIOUS never mind the scent. (But the scent is even better!)

Summer Berry Waffles food candle dessert candle fruity image 0 Summer Berry Waffles food candle dessert candle fruity image 1

Orange Creamsicle

This smells so good you’re going to want to eat it!

Handmade candle orange sherbet orange creamsicle citrus image 0

Coconut Lime Candle

Anything coconut is my favorite…. but lime? Definitely a very top favorite. This one is bursting with those summer vibes!

Coconut Lime Sented Soy Candle Travel Tin Glass Jar image 0

Watermelon Lemonade

A juicy and fruity aroma with this one.

Watermelon Lemonade Soy Candle Soy Candles Summer Decor image 0

Cotton Candy

This one will take you right back to your favorite summer fair! Delicious smelling cotton candy.

Cotton candy candle scented candle gift home decor summer image 0

Bahama Breeze

Strawberry Lemon Ice

A name good enough to drink! GOSH! Delicious!

┬áMy Favorite Summer Candles – Anything Vanilla

There isn’t anything more comforting than the cozy scent of vanilla is there!

Sometimes I prefer air fresheners to freshen and scent the air rather than candles, simply because my puppy runs around and candles worry me.

A few of my favorite are:

Air Wick – Summer Scent

Forest Waters

Ummm I LOVE the name of this one.

What are your favorite summer candles?

Love Always, Enn

If you’re anything like me and you love candles, check out this other post I wrote about using candles during your self-care tasks.



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