The hot sunshine weather has me editing my summer fashion wish list this afternoon. I’m really feeling all fashion that is COMFY. My favorite word and feeling. (You can read more about why I love COMFY here – Struggling with Sciatica) I’m really loving the neutral colors and anything airy and flowy. And, maybe a straw hat too! So, grab your coffee and your credit card (hehe), and let’s get going on my summer fashion wish list for 2022! *Disclosure – some of the following links are affiliate links which mean should you make a purchase through my link then I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support with my little blog!

Fashion Wish List 2022

Flowy dresses UNDER $40!


Maxi dresses UNDER $40 – Summer Fashion List


The Rompers

Okay, if you follow me on Instagram then you know about my obsession with SmashTess rompers. But, if you don’t, then, first of all, you should and you can follow me HERE. I share tidbits of my life, my kids, and the behind-the-scenes of my writing and my outfit inspo. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite SmashTess rompers that are on my summer fashion wish list.

The Shorty Aria Romper

The Jam Romper In Charming Charcoal

The Shoes

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Weekly Round-Up

Eleven Leather Bags

Clothing & Costs

What is your favorite summer fashion item?

Love Always, N


3 thoughts on “What’s On My Summer Fashion Wish List – Thoughts with N

  1. While I do love maxi dresses, my problem is that im quite short and so I dont know if it will fit me or not ???‍♀️ Ive seen some in stores that holy.. you do need to be some kind of tall to fit into! (Though iguess I could fix it.. but erh..)

    As for shoes? Catch me wearing my good ‘ol flops everywhere for everything- except work because we have restrictions. But as soon as im off, that’s what I have on my feet; yep. Even walking the dogs, an obsession of mine, glued to my feet up until it’s time to tuck them away as snow is here

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