Life is always changing, don`t you think?

And, in a blink of an eye, what worked yesterday, is no longer working today. (I actually wrote a post about that, which you can find over here Morning Routines)

I find that this can get so discouraging. Never knowing what the next day is going to bring, or if you are mentally ready for it.

This month has been so busy for me.

I made a solid attempt at BlogTober (which you can read about here – Good-Bye BlogTober), and it did not go the way I had anticipated. I ended up exhausted and without any inspiration what so ever.

In October I took up a new hobby, which did not mix well with my medication, and I was left with a hard choice.

I started attending Taekwondo classes. It has always been a dream of mine to learn a martial art, and I grew so tired of feeling like it was never going to happen. I came to the conclusion that I needed to start making my dreams happen.

I think in life there are always SO many other things that we could be doing, we often miss out on doing the things we want.

Becoming a black belt has always been on my mind, but I was never in a position where I could devote time, money, or energy to it. I didn`t have that available to devote to myself.

I took the plunge in October, and tried it out.

Though I felt quite silly, going into the class knowing NOTHING, I quickly learned. I`ve been practising and stretching every single day, and I have come to really love it.

I have practised a lot of various high intensity work outs, but training in Taekwondo is unlike anything I have ever tried. It takes high intensity to a completely other level, and it is a lot of fast-paced movements.

When I`m in class, I focus 100% on me, and I didn`t listen to my body when it said slow down.

And, it said it so many times. I fell in love with the sport, and with wanting to be better. I fell in love with wanting to train harder, and be a better athlete.

I started growing dizzy during training. I would see black dots all over the place, and sort of give my head a shake, and keep going.

At the end of a class one Thursday evening I passed out.

I got too dizzy. It was an intense class, right before competition (which I did not go to), but I worked hard during the class. There was a lot of STAND UP, sit down, STAND UP, sit down, and my body couldn`t take it.

I left the class feeling defeated, and embarrassed.

A quick google search of the side-effects of my medication helped everything to make sense. One was low-blood pressure.

After talking with my pharmacist and my doctor, I was faced with a decision. Do I continue taking a medication that is working for me, and stop Taekwondo, or do I continue Taekwondo and change medications?

Let me first tell you, I`ve never had a hobby. Taekwondo made me feel strong and powerful.

But, trying a new medication is scary stuff. You never know how long it will be to find one that affects your body positively.

I chose Taekwondo.

I can`t imagine not training anymore. It has become such a large and beautiful part of my life. So, I have started a new medication, and am working through the crappy side-effects at the beginning.

I think that it`s okay to accept limitations, but sometimes maybe you need to challenge yourself. Finding something I loved, and brought me so much happiness was so surprising for me. Once I experienced it, I really did not want to let it go.

Having anxiety, there are many things I avoid just for the better of my mental health, but Taekwondo wasn`t going to be another one.

So, I am on the path to starting a new medication. Again. How have your experiences been with that?

Love Always, N


36 thoughts on “Changing Directions

  1. There are great points in this article, the most important are the determination to succeed, finding a way to love what you are doing, passion for never giving up and the focus on the goals. Many thanks for sharing such experience..

  2. N,
    Social anxiety may be a burden today, but tomorrow you will give a different story.


    You are making the strides that you know work for you. You have not left it to chance.

    This is a lovely bio.

    You are not alone. I have seen successful people, at the pinnacle of success, exhibit social anxiety. As per your blog post, you staying on power will cross you over the finish line – having conquered. Keep reaching out. You are a source of inspiration and an answer to someone’s question.

    I love the grit. Keep looking up.

  3. Absolutely! Yoga is also very challenging because every day your body is different. Some days I can hit a pose and others, I struggle to get into it. There are times I get dizzy or push myself too hard in yoga and I just have to learn to back off. We have to respect our bodies and minds. It is not a weakness to know our limitations – it is a strength!

  4. I hope you can find a balance between medication and your new routine. It’s great that you found such a hobby and it’s inspiring how you’re dedicating yourself to it. Keep going!

  5. I remember signing up to kickboxing, it’s nerve wracking at first but luckily martial artists are very nice and mostly humble people.

    The fact you don’t know what’s coming tomorrow is a blessing, it makes it more interesting. Live life and take risks because there may not be a tomorrow.

  6. That is so great that you found something that works for you. Medication is helpful, but it’s great that you found Taekwondo to be helpful. Having a hobby is so important, especially when it changes your life.

  7. Ommmg. This is amazing. This is called self-improvement and you nailed it. So proud of you for this. This post made me so happy. You are such an inspiration!

  8. I’m so glad you decided to stick with Taekwondo! I know health is important (aka medication), but it sounds like the workouts and practice just made you so happy, that just by changing a medication, you were able to continue something that’s benefiting you physically AND mentally. I’m happy your doctor was okay with changing meds, because obviously they could see that doing Taekwondo was beneficial for you. I hope the new meds work and they don’t have the low pressure side effect so you can keep on doing you! 🙂

    Emily |

  9. I can totally relate to this, I really dislike the side effects of my medication and I am currently trying to get myself off them so I can have more energy! Hopefully your new medication works better for you! Best of luck xx

  10. That would be such a hard choice to make. Finding a medication that works for you is so important, I know because I take two every day for my anxiety and depression so I would be terrified to change it. But I haven’t experienced another hobby that interferes with my meds so thankfully I haven’t had to make that choice. Hope your transition to new meds goes well.

  11. What medication were you on that would cause low blood pressure?

    Did you consider working out until the symptoms appeared and then getting your blood pressure checked? Most gyms have a staff member that can check your blood pressure. I only suggest it because I heave reactive hypoglycemia and PPPD, both of which can cause dizziness, muscle weakness, and blackouts, but I also have problems with heart palpitations.

    So for ages my doctors assumed it was a heart and blood pressure problem, but now it actually appears to be a blood glucose problem due to too much insulin that’s causing my exercise problem

  12. Really nice story. I’m glad you’ve found something that makes you feel like you, and hope the new meds work out OK! Thanks for linking me to this. ?

  13. As a habitual person, I find it super difficult to start new things too. It’s so easy to just keep going about your life without challenging yourself or realising you aren’t going what you really want to be doing. I’ve been trying to push myself a little out of my comfort-zone lately too to mixed results.

    Best of luck with your new hobby and medication!

  14. Always keep trying new things, that is how we grow as people. Keep pushing yourself to find what works for your situation

  15. Good for you for doing what felt right. Medicating can be such a challenge, and it can be so hard to weigh meds that work against living the kind of life you want to live. I hope you find another med or combo of meds that provides the same benefits while still allowing you to continue this hobby that clearly means so much to you.

  16. Thank you for sharing such an honest post. I too have had to make similar adjustments & it’s tough but you have to be able to do the things you love, otherwise it’ll always be in the back of your mind. I hope your new medication is more cooperative ♡

    Pixee | Thats What Pea Said

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